IT is the Future of Our Industries
IT is the Future of Our Industries
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SEOUL, KOREA — “IT is the future of our industries,” said Il-jun Park, Director General for Electronics & IT Industries of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy(MKE) at the September breakfast seminar hosted by the Information Professional Association of Korea (IPAK, This event was held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Banpo, Seoul, where approximately 70 members of the IPAK participated.

Il-jun Park, Director General of MKE

The topic of the seminar was “Convergence Smart Era, Strategy for Spreading IT Convergence.” Director Park gave a profound address with several different subtopics including the past, present, and the future of IT, the change of the IT paradigm and the government’s role, the strategy for spreading IT convergence, and the expected effects and promotion systems. 

Park said that “The Big Bang of IT convergence” will arrive soon. He also predicted that Silicon Valley would soon become the next Detroit. He said that IT convergence is so active in the auto industry that Silicon Valley will lead the industry.

Some of the biggest changes will be switching from hardware-centered to software-centered systems, and noted that platform, big data, and cloud are driving new innovation and market value. The market share of cloud SNS and big data is predicted to increase from 18% in 2010 to 80% in 2020.

He also pointed out that the speed of IT convergence in the major industries including automobile, shipbuilding, airline, and textile is rapidly picking up. As a result, in the future, IT will become integrated with all other industries and everyday lives. He presented smart phones, cars, and medical care as examples. 

In addition, he emphasized that the IT paradigm is shifting from supplier- and government-led systems to consumer-centered and private ones. He explained that after the age of industrialization in the 1980s and the age of information in the 1990s, we have been living in an era of producing creative services by combining consumer-centered, private IT with established industries. He predicted that as the IT convergence takes place in various fields, there would be new markets.

Director Park said, “With the advent of convergence and the smart era, the government will do its utmost to prepare the foundations for mid- to long-term growth. This will make it possible for market creation by converging IT in different fields including finance, medical care, education, traffic, and food safety, in addition to increasing the competitiveness of IT itself. While improving the global competitiveness of major industries, the government is trying to create everyday IT convergence service markets.

The government established a new IT strategy, Green IT in 2008 to reinforce IT capability through IT convergence, u-health, system semiconductors, and the equipment industry in 2010, triggering the spread of IT convergence. In private sectors such as businesses, universities, and research centers, the organization and function for IT convergence has been established and subsequently expanded because IT convergence was considered to be important factor for industrial competitiveness.

It has been somewhat fruitful, too. By exporting 110 ships equipped with SAN, 15 domestic T50 aircraft equipped with domestic embedded software to Indonesia, and a Transportation Card System to Colombia, it is creating a new market with high added value in these major industries. IT convergence production increased 28.4% from 38.7 trillion KRW in 2007 to 49.7 trillion KRW in 2011.

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