Protect Your Versatile Hands with CHUNWOO TEXTILE gloves
Protect Your Versatile Hands with CHUNWOO TEXTILE gloves
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Take a look at your hands. They are the most important body parts, if not the most important. It seems that we do almost everything by having our hands on them. So, we put on gloves for protection where any potential threat exists; those who have to deal with dangerous materials wear special gloves. And some gloves are solely for beauty. In Korea, the company CHUNWOO TEXTILE is a glove manufacturer with decades of experiences and certainly can put its finger on what types of gloves each industry must wear.

NBR Palm Fit Gloves

Began 1965, CHUNWOO TEXTILE has been steady and stubborn when it comes to study and produce functional gloves for industrial uses. Its manufacturing facilities and tough test procedures for quality help the firm find its place in the market. And various gloves are recognizable overseas as they are slowly becoming popular among international customers.

Cotton-Poly Knitte Gloves

CHUNWOO TEXTILE’s Cotton-Poly Knitted Gloves are made of 75% cotton and 25% Poly. You can enjoy a cool and comfortable feeling just by covering hands with them. They are not heavy nor light, and your left or right hand fit into either of them since a pair of Cotton-Poly Knitted Gloves is designed in the same way, which is ambidextrous efficiency. Applications are packing, construction, general maintenance work, etc. NBR Palm Fit Gloves are for oil-related heavy industry, chemical use, fishing & forestry, etc. These 100% nylon gloves are coated with NBR (nitrile rubber) that shows excellent water-proof property. In particular, NBR Palm Fit Gloves are suitable for oil operation. Latex Coated Gloves comprised of 75% Cotton, 25% Poly, and Latex are used for general operation process, construction, engineering tasks, forestry work, and more. Its main purpose is to keep harmful materials from damaging our hands by coating natural rubber. Three colors are available: white, yellow, and greenish blue. You can find more at

CHUNWOO TEXTILE has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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