For Your Unstoppable Road Cruising : KOREA FILTERING
For Your Unstoppable Road Cruising : KOREA FILTERING
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If your car suddenly feels heavy and dragging, you might want to pop up your car bonnet for a checkup.  You can see a well-set of mechanical parts here and there in an engine system. Among them, find and take a good look at some cartridge-like device connected to a car engine. It is called “fuel filter” that keeps any foreign particles like dirt from mingling with fuel so that your engine can consume pure fuel to continue running with expected performance and efficiency. It plays a vital role for your car and even your safety as well.  And Korea’s KOREA FILTERING recognizes where problems are clogging and knows how to screen them out pre-emptively.

Santafe 2.2 Fuel Filter ASSY

Founded in 2004, the filter maker has produced generic and special auto filters for customers who want to experience extended performance in their cars. Also by focusing on its commitment to technology and quality, it has been developing new products and took home a series of certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO TS16949, etc. With KOTRA’s Seal of Excellence, KOREA FILTERING is making efforts to expand a customer base at home and aboard. Numerous types of filtering devices are on its product list.

Grand Starex CRDI Fuel Filter

Designed for Hyundai’s Santafe 2.2, KOREA FILTERING’s CRDI Fuel Filter ASSY is comprised of four components : a cartridge, a head pump, a heater and a sensor. This cartridge is noticeable with its special paper that does its main job seamlessly, separating water from fuel. Another fuel filter model for Hyundai’s Grand Starex is 300-3E000. This CRDI Fuel Filter ASSY is equipped with its fuel heating system that effectively sorts out water. General type fuel filter ASSY is for Hyundai’s Veracuz. You can find more items at

KOREAFILTERING has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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