Start Your Day Off Right with Saturn Bath
Start Your Day Off Right with Saturn Bath
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In contemporary society, it is widely believed that your appearance can play a large influence on the level of success that you are apt to achieve. Dressing and grooming are of paramount importance, and one common factor links the way you appear and how you start your day: the bathroom. Having a luxurious and comfortable bathroom is not only aesthetically appealing, but also directly correlated with the amount of time you are apt to spend there each day, thus inadvertently involved in success. Since 1990, Saturn Bath Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing beautiful and functional products while promoting the company ideology of “The Creation of Bathroom-focused Living Culture.”


Wash Basin

If you are planning the construction of a new home, a renovation, or even replacing a product or two, Saturn Bath has you covered. Saturn Bath offers a wide range of products that will showcase the affluence of your bathroom. Bathtubs are available acrylic, whirlpool, LAR cast, and half body models, each ranging in dimensions and functionality. To make your bathroom appear more beautiful, consider the Saturn Bath’s system furniture that is available in executive or luxury bathroom lines. Saturn Bath’s lineup of bidets, shower booths, and washbasins are certain to make your mornings and evenings more enjoyable and convenient. Saturn Bath also has you ceiling covered with ventilation products, as well as a vast array of bathroom accessories.


SWL1703 -skape

Saturn Bath is committed to constantly striving for excellence. The CEO has emphasized the company’s focus on research and development of new products while working with the technical cooperation of worldwide company to spearhead the future of the bathroom culture era. They wish for this commitment to excellence to continue into the future by combining IT and biotechnology to increase the affluence of this bathroom culture. Be part of the trend towards the future with Saturn Bath.

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SATURN BATH has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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