Digital Detergent & Rinse Feeder for Your Digitalized Cleaning Solution: MIA MOOLSAN
Digital Detergent & Rinse Feeder for Your Digitalized Cleaning Solution: MIA MOOLSAN
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When we wash dishes or clean clothes, what we often refer to as “laundry detergent” and “dish detergent” becomes very useful. They are similar to soap, but are more soluble in water. Of course, there are other cleaning agents like hand soaps. However, the detergents are commonly used and work effectively on many household items. Often we become hesitant, not knowing how much detergent is necessary each time. Sometimes, we overuse or underuse it despite following the instruction involved. Now, it is time to leave it to the best automatic detergent feeder. MIA MOOLSAN’s detergent feeder can measure and insert the optimal amount of the detergent for many different situations.


Founded in 1969, the detergent feeder maker began its business by producing plastics. It did not stop challenging itself and expanded into another sector as a manufacturer for electrical devices and chemicals. For the past forty years, MIA MOOLSAN has earned its recognition for high quality products, which have also enabled introducing digital detergent /rinse feeders in the market. Keeping up with today’s focus on the quality of life, the firm also releases environmentally friendly feeders.


Detergent (Rinse) dispenser WK20-DLCD responds well to the internal electrical conductivity of dishwasher’s washing tank. By using a signal input from PROB, the digital dispenser provides liquid detergent until its concentration reaches a pre-determined level. Also based on this periodic signal, it feeds the rinse through SOLENOID VALVE with accuracy. Recently, MIA MOOLSAN replaced its plastic casing with stainless steel for shock resilience, water proof function, and more space.

WK10-DLCD, a digitalized liquid detergent and rinse feeder, also uses internal electrical conductivity for dispensing. This model has the same functions that WK20-DLCD offers. WK10-DLD is a digital liquid detergent exclusive feeder and can supply liquid detergent by using a pump. For more information, you can visit

MIA MOOLSAN has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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