Envisioning “World Best Lamination and Tool & Die”: VISION TECHNOLOGIES
Envisioning “World Best Lamination and Tool & Die”: VISION TECHNOLOGIES
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A saying teaches us, “We are only as strong as we are united…” It delivers a meaningful message not only for our life but certain industrial sectors. In the industrial world, the philosophy becomes materialized as “Lamination.” This is a technique that can manufacture a specific material that has multiple layers. Afterwards, the finished composite can show improved properties such as strength, stability, appearance, and many others. The most common lamination is wooden floor pieces. Now, VISION TECHNOLOGIES is ready to showcase the world’s best “Lamination.”

Ring Core

Beginning in 2001, the manufacturer has been making nickel & silicon lamination and precise press Die each for transformers and interlocking motor cores. For nearly two decades, VISION TECHNOLOGIES has never forgotten its passion and self-development in order to fully meet customers’ needs. Also, throughout continuous efforts for technology advancement, the firm successfully acquired certificates such as QS-9000/ISO-3001. VISION TECHNOLOGIES’ Lamination business includes nickel & silicon laminations, ring cores, tape wound cores, shield cases, and amorphous items.  Also, its Tool & Die category has Tool & Die, motor Interlocking dies, components, related facilities, etc.

Nickel (Permalloy)Lamination

Nickel (Permalloy) lamination is useful for precise Die making.  Depending on many different types, its specification varies.  These quality items are quite affordable and have EI, EE, and ED type. VISION TECHNOLOGIES has introduced a standard ring core as a component for preventing electrical shock and fire risks. This item can continue to show continuous electrical characteristic due to the company’s heat treatment and technology. Tape wound core and silicon steel toroidal are the company’s other major products, and VISION TECHNOLOGIES is capable of making several different types of cores upon customers’ requests. For more product information, you can visit http://www.vt21.com/vision_en/index.asp

VISION TECHNOLOGIES has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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