Sung Shin is Making the Railway Strong
Sung Shin is Making the Railway Strong
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From the early stages of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the railway has been an integral part of the development of technology, as well as creating a more globalized world. Although technology has continued to advance since that time, and inventions often become dated, the locomotive continues to live on, still an imperative part of shipping items from one area to the next. Sung Shin Rolling Stock Technology understands the importance of the railroad, and since 1990 have been manufacturing shunting locomotives, as well as a variety of other components for both trains and automobiles.


Passenger Coach

Sung Shin’s Shunting Locomotive is designed to perform either sectional areal delivery or train shunting and pulling. The drive system itself is further subdivided into two groups. These include the diesel electric locomotive (DC motor) type, as well as the diesel locomotive (hydraulic) type. The shunting locomotives are also further divided in accordance to velocity, with a high speed (80 km/h) as well as a low speed (30 km/h) available. The shunting locomotive is designed to extend durability by upgrading product specifications or remodeling old locomotives.  As well as the Shunting Locomotive, Sung Shin also has a passenger car, freight wagon, specialized car, and bogie assembly division, each catering to a specific niche market. As well as the mobile vehicle divisions, Sung Shin is also actively involved in plant development, including petrochemical plants, batcher plants, and asphalt plant amongst others.


Diesel Locomotive

Sung Shin Rolling Stock Technology understands that a good business is all about the relationship with customers. The company’s CEO owes the success of the company to affectionate advice and suggestions. By listening to what the customers’ desire, Sung Shin is able to create the highest quality products that cater to these customers’ needs. Recently the company has performed plant construction work, as well as acquiring the ASME STAMP S&U.

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SUNG SHIN ROLLING STOCK TECHNOLOGY has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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