Solongus - Confirmed Gamblers
Solongus - Confirmed Gamblers
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By using the plausible messages and breathtaking eloquences, they have introduced their chariots to the people and carved their spirit into their minds. For such a reason, all the enticing catchphrases or catchlines are meshes to occupy the people‟s attention. That is their hidden mind as duelers. Under the Barmecidal mottos, all the competitors have disguised themselves as good men and sought for their dreadful dreams. The dreams must be achieved by tough actions. Subsequently, the actions are no other than endless struggles, bloodier and brutal warfare, and then the bloodcurdling Great War.

Crabwise, all of the precise slogans are adaptive colorings of their hidden mind. That is no more than a will to power and glory. If so, the slogans are no other than a driving force to get a power and glory. Whether slogans are idealistic or not is not pointless. Such a debate or discussion is but pedantic. Simply, the perfect slogans denote that they are confident in motion out of passion of perfection(熱情) for „survival of fittest‟ in this physical world.

If so, the game of „sweet language‟ speaks that the time has come to compete with each other. It doesn‟t matter for professional soldiers who they are American gunmen, Japanese samurais, European gladiators or Asian up-start machismos. Here the slogans meet with the ominous sign because slogans are ominous signs under sneaking suspicions upon the rivals. All the garish and protean mottos are mortal weapons like mortars before the battlefront in this motor world.

4 Confirmed gamblers

With the break of this new century, they have broadcasted the hypersensitive slogans and lifted them up to the people. Then the world powers have begun to set out the „War of all against all‟ at any price at any time and strived against destiny. Before waging actual maneuvering they had reviewed a mass of options. At the time, they had said in a deep sigh that:

“Maybe I am now gambling. Probably, I might be sailing towards a disaster.”

Then they had deplored the stern reality of the world.

“Frankly, I, too, want to go snacks with others in profits. I‟ll break the money with others fairly. I‟ve spent innumerous days and nights chewing the matter over. But, it was a waking dream. Unlike my pristine thinking, the earthly world has drastically changed into the pithy competition. It is now smothered with stifling competition for life. These days, I‟ve woke to the true situation. The stern realities of life do not permit us to do so. It is deplorable like the fly in the ointment. But it is a reality.

”Here, the reality has won the ideal. Then they have changed their minds, thinking aloud that:

“Life is just one time. It‟s a safe bet. Where there‟s a will, there‟s a way. And, the man who believes in success is half way to it. Before me, there is an even chance like a tossup. My talent and dexterity fully matches anyone else‟s.”

Insatiable for success and glory they have been brimmed with health and high spirits. Then they have sought for the power of Imperium with their own professional virtuosity, personal style, and particular egotism. As a result, their endless ambition and the pursuit of glory have brought them into the bloody struggles.

However, to their eyes, the bloody struggles are not rewardless. To them, those are but an opportunity cost (機會費用) for the dream. Carriers and revolvers are simply peacemakers to stop the war. With such a dangerous mind they are going their way fearlessly in this global battlefront to fulfill their brimming ideas in accordance with their exorbitant grand design. And then they are to rule over the entire world as the new World governor as if they were a Caesar in the Roman World. If so, their goal is clearly to unite all of the powers into One Nation with absolute power and stunning glory.
One century ago the greatest British statesman, Winston Churchill said about the war glowingly that:

“War is the finest activity on earth. It is not the worst that could happen. Rather it‟s a legitimate instrument of policy as the customary relationship between great powers.”

Like his words, all the powers have vindicated themselves and justified their activities. Then, all of them, like either confirmed gamblers or risk-takers, are resolute to make resolutions to find out Imperial Jade. In this point, they are all realists in pursuit of the victory and the glory. Absolutely they are not idealists even if they pretend to be taintless Christian or Confucian, Capitalist or Communist, Islamite, Buddhist or Hindu, and the other. There is no difference in their hidden mind. It is a blunt fact throughout human‟s long history. To the common peoples‟ eyes, they look like deer hunters with animal spirits or merchants of death with mercenary motive.

Author, Kyu-ho Hwang

Already the sky is likely to be stormy. A drenching storm is approaching soon. All the warriors and their great armies have crossed the river of War and run the power game in the world. Engrossed in winning the War against rivals, all of them have swirled into the storm of ambition. Willy-nilly, they have met their match in the War. It is not important whether the match list is one-on-one match or return match. Swords against swords, shields against shields, were and are clashing each other under the tactical strategy and masterstroke. Already, the sign of the war has revealed in their slogans and brands as below.

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