Solongus - Main Characters
Solongus - Main Characters
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Car Brand Logos

Here are combative troops with the circular marque that reveals running rings or bearings as below:

They are AUDI, Volkswagen of VW, BMW of BMW, Mercedez-Benz of Benz from Germany, Nissan in Japan, Geely, China, Fiat and Alfa Romeo of Italy,  Volvo meaning that ‘I’m a macho man’ with the sign of unlike&  SAAB of Sweden, Opel in Germany with lightening image, Tatra of Czech.

Also, there are war clubs with egg-shaped mascots such as Ford of America with another image of shield and cross Lincoln, Land Rover of England, Bugatti of France, Toyota with his drooly chariot Lexus, Hino, Subaru of Japan, Tata with an image of tree or highway & Mahindra with the meaning of ‘conqueror of the world’ from India, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Daewoo, Samsung of Korea, and transnationalist FAW (First Auto Work) of China.

Unlike the circular or egg-shaped symbols, there are warlords with tough, rectangular trademarks such as GM of America with three shields of Buick and sharp spear of Pontiac, Honda of Japan redolent of an old armored samurai capped a helmet with edged horns and armed with a sharp spike of ACURA , rolling Rolls-Royce of England, Spanish SEAT and diamond symbols, for instance, Renault of France, Miss Busy Mitsubishi Motors of Japan with yellow or red diamond as if they are diamond to cut diamond.

There are other jumping jacks that are proud of high speed with an awesome image. For instance, there are animal-like mascots, that is, Jaguar  of England, bullfighter of Lamborghini, Ferrari of Italy and Porsche of Germany with the galloping horse-powered chariots, lion-imaged Peugeot of France, Vauxhall  of Britain, Holden of Australia, and eagle-shaped Chrysler of America and RAM of Crysler, Bentley, MINI of England as if they are king of kings in the land like lion or in the sky like eagle.

And, balloon-like mascots such as Lancia of FIAT, Proton of Mayasia, Hafei of China and other masks such as Mazda, Die Dard Daihatsu from Japan, French Citroën, Spanish Hispano and German Maybach with a high mountain image, Maruti Suzuki of India are flying in the battlefields as a token of regional warlords.

And there are some gunfighters with their own names as their flags, for instance, ISUZU & SUZUKI of Japan, British Daimsler, IVECCO of Italy. Of course, gas-guzzlers of luxury also came there with the shiny emblems of circled by laureate crown under GM or of Maserati of Maserati under an Italian FIAT.

Currently their war power is overwhelming in the field of military spirit, logistics and deadly weapons, coupled with their shiny slogans. Primed to win any battle, all of the powers are now clenching their fists and fighting against each other as if they have been deadly enemies. Like wild beasts, they are waging the global campaign continuously in the name of co-existence and co-prosperity (共存共榮 in Chinese character).

They are lashing about in the muck and waiting for a magical moment to hit their competitors. Regarding the war, war can be completely ended with an absolute and thorough victory. None shall look back to the rear. Kill or cure, they will run in the final in this global battlefront until their enemies are completely knocked down and defeated. The War will cease when their adversaries, real or potential, are deceased. Then, the pursuer is to be enthroned as the next monarch. At the same time, the incumbent king will be toppled and dethroned. And then the feats will come to the end.

With the turn of the new 21st century the War has begun already just like the First World War happened at the early 20th century. With the new millennium a new heroic age has come. Out of will to power the worldly-wide warlords have already opened a new battlefield that has no limit to the corner of the Earth. So, the blue satellite has been moving into the one village. Over time, the segregated earthly world will be integrated as the One World in the end. (分久必合)



 “Heroic Age” (英雄時代)



The story is written based solely on the author’s own gaga imagination. So, there cannot be any intention of causing harm or malice and/or misunderstanding deliberately. Talking of the story, he says it is not a period novel on the “Turf Fight for Power.” It is an epitome of warlike competition on global product. The product is a horseless carriage but modernized chariot; automobile. Harmonized with reckless imagination + science + endless ambition, the economic novel is written and unfolded.

Right here, the three factors will beget the story and truths that reality obscures. Then, the unimaginable fiction will be a real fact as truths. Here, we meet the phenomenon; gunfighters, samurais, knights, machismos, and would-be warlords, princes, moguls from all over the world. Dedicated to the shiny commercial slogans, they are now playing tag to get the absolute power and popularity from the earthlings. In this way, they are writing their stories to print their names and fames in the Heroic Age. Clearly their youthful dreams will be realized as a dramatic real story in the farther future.

Of course, it might be an exciting and dynamic drama that is to be memorized in the world people’s mind. As a matter of fact, there is no national border in this faceless and soundless (economic) battlefront. With the new millennium the new frontiers have spread out beyond the horizon to the four corners of the earth. East and West, North and South, and the past, present and future are becoming their stage. At the right time, the world powers are to break through all tangible and intangible walls, blocks, blockades, and visible and invisible barriers. So, transnational frontiers remain. As a result, the War will be transformed into a Hegemonic War as well as a transcontinental war beyond the First and Second World War of the last century. Already the War has begun.

Well, let’s go to the transcontinental battlefields with a finer dream and youthful hope. Have a close look at the world dynamiters on the crossroads. Then, let’s converse with the charioteers from the dreamy Land of Rainbow named Solongus, on


life or art,

fortune or misfortune,

belief and betrayal,

ideal and reality,


truth and fake,

illusion and disillusion,

money and gambling,


romance and scandal,

war and adventure,

power and ambition,



nationalism and cosmopolitanism,

egoism and egalitarianism,


heaven and earth,

human and inhuman,

or . . . 

Then, let’s dig out the truth and the hypocrisy that are already denuded in this blue satellite. Then, enjoy yourself for … with drinking the cup of joy and sorrow to the dregs like the hyperbola in geometry. Once again, it is not necessary to debate any noticeable ideology; political, economic, or religious. After reading through the book, please design your bright future, or resign your life in this globalized battlefield that is the Land of Rainbow.


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