Solongus - Greek Pallas
Solongus - Greek Pallas
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Car Brand Logos

In retrospect, there has never remained such a magical and mysterious carriage without horse in this blue satellite. Since the beginning of the human history, humans have used horse, cow, elephant, camel, or dog for the transportation.
But, the wizardly humans created the entrancing monster for their interests and comforts as if they are another creator matching the Supreme Being in the universe. Frankly, neither did the Supreme Being nor the God in heaven teach the humans the wisdom as to how to make the monster. Also they did not make cribbing from Him. From this point of view they seem to be wizard matching Him.

At the appearance of present and/or future emerging monster, they smart-mouthed:
“We have found the secret of knowledge from hidden mountainous valley. The valley said to us that „necessity is the mother of invention.‟ With this simple secret, we have just made it for a better world.”

Unlike other mammals, the creationists are so clever as to find the secret of knowledge in the universe. And, like the short snip-snap they are so smart as to know the way to entrance the people. In return, the monster made their name and fame well-known to the worldwide people as „speed demon.‟ These days, the creative human beings have also created attractive emblems, enticing logos, amiable mascots and whatever to appeal to the people.

With using this sort of materials and immaterial, they have played bravura, bravado, and whitewashing wordplays. For such and such reasons, the star players are immensely popular to the people as if they were the reincarnation of the „Greek Pallas‟ with the good merits. Now, the world people regard them as global stars. Among them, there are the most powerful star players in the current auto world. They are regarded as G20 (including G5 and/or G7)


“Pretenders to the throne”

Of G20, there are 3 machismos from the North American wilderness. With their own superior monsters and brilliant generalship, the American macho men waged numerous battles in the last century against their rivals, real and potential, as if they were the Western gunfighters. Then, they won the decisive victories respectively.

Since then on, the 3 American gunfighters, , and have set up the American Triarchy as if they had been reincarnations of the old 3 Roman figures, Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus under the Roman Triumvirate in the Roman world. Like the Roman heroes, they predominated over the world and brandished the absolute power in the last 20th century.

Thus, their faces and fames have been still engraved on the people‟s memories. Even in this new 21st century the American figures are acting as the three Roman generals and trying to rule over the world. (The Romans are carved and memorized as the busts below. Source: Wikimedia Commons)


Across the Pacific there are another Big Three in the Japanese archipelago. Envious of the 3 American Caesars‟ overwhelming power, they have engrossed their whole time and attention to compete with the American powers. Then, like the American world they have built up their own Empire of the Sun under the banner of „Pan-Pacific Co-prosperity Sphere for Asian people.‟

As the battle-seasoned Japanese samurais each of them has self-proclaimed himself that:
“I am another absolute Shogun(將軍, bighead) as the descendant of the former Japanese Shoguns. As you might know of them very well, they lived in Japan in the late 16th century. Now, as the scions we are of the same blood of theirs. Sooner, we‟ll be the Shogun of the world. You will see the incarnation.”

Actually, in the middle of the 16th century there were three belligerent and transparent Shoguns, by name Toyotomi, Tokugawa, and Oda Nobunaga. They have been enthroned in the hearts of the Japanese people even until now. Now the 3 Japanese samurais, Toyota, Honda, and Nissanhave mimicked their typical characters and warlike behaviors and are to match the 3 former Shoguns. Like them all the three figures are so ambitious as to build up their own Empires and threaten Pax Americana as if they are eternal parallels to the Americans.

On the opposite side of Asian continent, there are lots of restive and high-strung European knights in the West. The continent is small. But, historically the most ostentatious knights lived there. Then they fought against each other to be the most respectable and powerful European princes just as the Sun King did. The duels among the princes have finally brought in the World War One and Two. In the wake of the previous footsteps, the continent might be one of the major battlefields for the new Great War as if it were an internal combustion without door engine.

Up to the present, all the pretentious princes have competed with each other under their shiny bearing and flags. People say that:

“They are 2 German Corps (VW and other, BMW or Benz) and 2 French Armies (Renault & PSA)” as if the French were partnered with the Germans. They live in the power zone of Europe, close to each other as friendly neighbors. But, like dogs and cats they have been barking against each other over the conflicting interests for hundreds of years. (犬猿之間) In the North and South, there are would-be men-at-arms nicknamed Volcanic Voice of Viking (VVV) of Sweden and Final Art from Italy.

Other regional gladiators lived there one time as regional princes. They were Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Rover, etc. Each of them had acted erectly with his lustrous seal and banner. They had bore themselves bravely in battles in the last century. But they fell short of power so were defeated in this stern Roman battlefront. Now they have entrusted themselves to other superpowers for survival.

With the world weather changed, some mushrooms have taken their roots on the main Asian continent as if they had been the fittest organisms for survival. Under the bright sunlight the mushrooms have sprung from the crude soil and grown up with their hungry spirit and old decent wisdom such as Jugaad. Then they have got out of the long and dark tunnel like the shooting stars in the dark universe. And then, they have jumped on the bus toward Detroit. As soon as they arrived there they beat their way through the crowd. Then, they tactfully managed to get a ticket into the track of the World Cup Game.

In this way, the late-bloomers have luckily debuted in the world stage all of a sudden. Now they have become hunks of beefcake. As newly-rising challengers they are defiant of the Established Olympic Championship. Finally they began to rush toward the ultimate goal at a high speed without any yellow streak. Recently, with the title of people‟s messiah they have mobilized and consolidated their forces, real & potential, personal & impersonal, under the banner of Nationalism & Cosmopolitanism. The well-built macho men are said to be Han Dynasty from Korea, Chinese King Kong; Geely and Nanjing, and, Indian mogul Tata Nano and Mahindra and so on.

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