Solongus - Professional prospectors
Solongus - Professional prospectors
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All of American gunfighters, Japanese samurais, European knights, and Asian machismos are so-called global stars as world powers. Like a burning fire, they are all flamboyant, colorful, and youthful. Also, they are by nature self-confident and ambitious with their proud monstrous chariots.

Reputedly, all of them are professionals and perfectionist so that they are to immortalize the age in this mortal life. Until before the turn of the new century they seemed a little bit submerged and latent. Presently, they have been on the verge of the whirlwind for a big bang. As renowned professional prospectors they have learned of the secret of knowledge. Then, for the „survival of the fittest‟ they have mastered all of political stratagems; histrionics, byplays, play acts and whatever. Then, they have exploited them as vital and mythical propagandas for survival and ultimate victory.

Swashbuckling slogans, eye-catching emblems, shiny coat-of-arms, flying banners, and whatever are vital weapons for propaganda and populism. Traditionally, typical demagogues use this kind of flowing speeches and charming gestures efficiently. Like them, the global creationists are all „supreme virtuosos‟ in all these clever methods and tactful skills.
By using the political tactics and flowery demagogies they are determined to reach the unreachable star in the sky beyond the interval between ridiculous and sublime. From this point of view, their hopes and dreams seem to never change. From start to end, those have never been undiminished. Day by day their ambitions seem to be ballooned into a bigger and bigger one. Moreover, their color has become tarnished, protean, and flamboyant.

Doubtless, their target is the laureate crown. Their final goal is clear like Mazda and still there. Their ambition is to match or overpass the great legendary heroes of the world in the past. Like „the radiant Sun‟ they are about to be the McCoy, either the Western general Alexander the Great or the Eastern warrior Genghis Khan. In this respect, all of them seem to be psycho. Spurred by their towering heroism and Caesarism, they are all confirmed gamblers, prospectors, or adventurers. Their paranoia is to be zero or hero. Certainly, they look like happy warriors or risk-takers so as to risk their life and fortune.




The happy warriors merely see tragedy as the wasting shadow.

They think that:
“Shadow is always cast and stands on the opposite side of brightness. Like shadow and brightness, life fluctuates between hopes and fears. But, if and when hopes win fears the life comes into flower. Then it will be bright, beautiful and dynamic. In this context, tragedy is nothing as everyday affair or daily trip. I don‟t care of it.”

Armed with natural-born manly spirit, they know no bounds in the path of their success/or failure.

“Frankly to me, my dream is lovable and lofty. So I have done what I have dreamed. As for me, giving up my hope and dream is simply resigning my life. Thus, I am now bending forward to the unknown world to catch up with my rainbow dream. My mind is already made up. My resources are within reach and inexhaustible. There is nothing to keep back. I do know that; „Where there‟s a will, there‟s a way for success.‟ I believe it that is true. I cannot find out any misgivings to hesitate it. Absolutely, I can never turn back from what I believe and from what I have dreamed. Whatever you say, I don‟t care a farthing. I‟ll go my way with my youthful dream.”

Indeed their zeal seems jingoistic in high snuff.
And, all of endless efforts have made them happy warriors.

With their unchangeable conviction and passion they believe that:
“Dream is not a reality logically. Paradoxically it is a possible dream. Without dream the life is dreary. It is boring, gloomy, and sad. But, if the dream is drenched into your life, your life will be dreamful, dynamic, hopeful and high-powered. So, dream is fascination itself and nonesuch.”

The very fact has resolved them to be prospectors and yearn for a fantastic, flowerlike dream. Then, the global stars, as reckless gamesters, have poured out strenuous efforts with iron-like will into dream.

Like the dreamer Don Quixote all gamesters are convinced that:
“Dream is not illusion but disillusion. If and when I concentrate on my dream the dream will be flowered as a reality with happy memories. So I keep doing desperately what I believe. I‟ll never stop my colorful dream. Then, I‟ll be the first and the best soldier of the world in the future. None match my talent and ability. With all best, I‟ll reach the impossible dream unlike Don Quixote.”

Right here, they have explained why they must fight against rivals.

One of competitors, as if he were a typical samurai of Japan, has revealed his ambition without any yellow streak that:

“By profession I am a professional soldier. I take great pride in that fact. As a soldier, I am full of an unbreakable spirit of the military code, be the best and the first, and armed with the best powerful arms. Even if any material & immaterial barriers lie ahead of me I can survive and surpass them like huddle games in sports. As the first and finest soldier I have done what I have believed. My action is „Justice‟ in the face of any bloodier real war. Nothing is possible to beat me. I am hyperactive and invincible even if the world is a red ocean.”

Unlike him, another would-be competitor said that:
“Absolutely I have no intention to fly low. However, I do not think that „be the first and best‟ is the best way to survive. Rather, „discover the difference‟ can be a better way to get the popularity from the people. I think it is inevitable in the competing world. Already, the rage to live has pushed me to be different as if I‟m the stylists to look for the chic. Then I can survive in this global competition. So I have chosen partisanship for survival instead of partnership.”

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