Solongus - Battle Royal
Solongus - Battle Royal
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이 기사를 공유합니다

Just like the generals regard the warfare a chaotic business, all the global stars see the business as unpredictable and unstable warfare.

Sadly, the modernized business and/or warfare cannot be solved by the conventional wisdom of generations. After all, like historied greatest generals they are faced with innumerous, faceless, and brutal war games.

As if they are „trigger-happy warriors‟ with belly guns and chariots they have to survive the chaotic battlefront by winning the War. That is the stern reality in this earthly competition.

So they have demonstrated their iron-like will for survival and ultimate victory.

Then they have used colorful slogans, posters, placards, catchphrases, logos, mascots, emblems, bearings and everything. All of those are image-making propagandas. Through using them they are to entrance the public as well as to get the Popularity. Nowadays propagandas have prevailed over and over the world as if those are talismans.

But, propagandas are not talisman but „battle cries‟ before the War.

All catchphrases and everything may be vouchers to prelude the War. And the prelude will lead all of them into the Battle Royal.

If so, the engrossing slogans and the others are merely the prologue for the War. Through using string-pulling and captivating slogans they have justified their limitless campaigns. That is the reason why this campaign is worth fighting for and a fight they will never stop to the last. Only victorious campaigns can guarantee their survival.

For such a reason, they will never desert their worthwhile dream until the complete conquest of the whole world "under a single sword" or until facing thorough defeat and/or death.

Already tough actions have begun when they lifted up the slogans and the trademarks. The God‟s number, „O‟, has passed and the zero hour has come as if a sniper sneaked his hands to the pistol.

Faceless fighting has started with their saber-rattling. Unknowingly the world situation has plunged into a Battle Royal drastically.

Presently, it seems extremely unstable and dangerous. Today‟s friend cannot be equal to tomorrow‟s friend. Rather he may be tomorrow‟s enemy. Also yesterday‟s enemy cannot be tomorrow‟s enemy. The foe in the past might be a friend in the farther future.

All of them except himself may be his enemy, real or potential. In all, all is enemy. All is fighting against all in this exorable world.

Certainly, each of the Pretenders has truly the only one contest between him and everyone else in this World Cup Game. There is no other contest. And, that is the rule in this earthly world. There is no other rule.

Reversely, it is the very rule for victory. There is no exception. In all, the true situation becomes much more dangerous. Moreover, the target of fighting is moving and mobile over time. It is escalating up to the high-end and expanding to the end of the world.

So, the battlefront is endless, boundless, faceless, snarling and smoldering.

Confusing and confusing and then frustrating over time . . . in this invisible White War.

By using high-performance backfit and Machiavellian tactics, the predators are trying to get the vantage ground to be the Pretender.


“Doomsday scenario”

In this earthly world there has lived a man at the corner of the world, who has enjoyed watching movies. People say that he is a dreamy doomster as if he were another Nostradamus, favorite of art.

Seeing the on-going fierce competition, the doomster would think of it of some arresting secular movies. Hinted by the movies, he began to write down a doomsday scenario about the Big Brothers‟ battle series. The scenario was completed at the starry last night before the Battle Royal as below:

The "Battle at Bloody Beach"
           by the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
                       is coming upon us
                                    with "the Guns of Navarone"
                                                           like a "Secret Game
                                        with "Perfect Alibi
                        or a "Picture Perfect"
         painted by a "Sketch Artist."

"In the Gloaming"
           of "the Longest Day"
                      the Treasure Hunters"
                                     from "the Wild Wild West"
                                                   will be fighting each other
                                                                for each own “Mirage"

                                               like "the Good, Bad and Ugly"
                     or like "the Twilight Murders"
"through the Eyes of a Killer"
                   or like the "Big Bully"
                                 with a "Heart of a Wheel,"
                                                        or like the "First Knight"
                                          with "Fists of Iron"
                            and "Warrior Spirit "
or “Brave Heart
               “in the Line of Duty"
                           even "Under Siege"
                                     “till the End of the Night.”

                         Their "Just Cause"

chasing after the Blue Bird
                        may seem to be "Mission Impossible"
                                even to an "Eraser"
      or “ the Demolitionist.”

Probably they may think that
            each of them is an „Enemy of State
                         with "Dangerous Mind"
                                   “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt"
                                                    like “the Punisher
                                                                   to “Die hard
                                                    “beyond Desire
                                 and "Dangerous Prey"
                   to each other.

The last war,
                beyond "The Troubles with Spies"
                                will be at the door                           
                                                  like "the Perfect Storm"
                                or "Thunder Ball"
                    raining down upon
     the "Pearl Harbor."

Then and then,
         "the Last Star Fighter"
                    or “the Last Samurai
                                        called "Rambo"
                                                      with “Golden Eye

                                             will appear before "the Stargate"
                       between “Heaven and Earth
with “the Passion of Christ
                     as a new "Champ"
                                     or a “Superman
                                                       or “Alexander the Great
                                                                    or “The Lion King
                                                                              from “Sahara.”

                                                                             And, all is
                                                   “Gone with the wind
                                like "the Gladiator"
                     into “Oblivion
     with “Taps” to the music Sarabande of Barry Lyndon.

                                                  as a “Permanent Record
                         on the “Lord of the rings
              the "Legend Lives on"
like "the Titanic."

Like his doomsday poem, the stifling Battle Royal is ripe for their final goal.
The clock is beating the minutes away.
The only thing they can trust in is the winning slogan, iron-like will, courage, capacity, time, and . . .
for the final victory.

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