2012 AEES in Shanghai - Rejuvenate Your Brain with EYEMAX’s Brain Games -
2012 AEES in Shanghai - Rejuvenate Your Brain with EYEMAX’s Brain Games -
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The human brain is as vastly mysterious as outer space, where lots of questions still remain unanswered. It never seems to fully reveal how its sophisticated way works in order to tightly control the whole human body. However, there is one indisputable fact; the more the brain is exposed to stimulations, the better it executes its duties, according to scientists. This is the same principle to how muscles improve their strength under stress. Now EYEMAX creates a unique spin on it.   

Korea’s high-tech IT firm with an IT research institute on its wings has been developing and producing tech products for the past 19 years. Also, EYEMAX has actively participated in numerous development projects in close cooperation with major conglomerates (Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Dong-A Pharmaceutical, Korea Yakult, Kori Nuclear Power Site),and also with over 100 small and middle-sized companies, and research institutes of several universities.

EYEMAX_Brain TocToc

For anyone who wants to improve his or her concentration, EYEMAX has established its Brain Teaching device. Specially designed for students who need a highly active brain for study, the system is capable of improving concentration levels and effectively extending one’s memory span. As the device continues to stimulate the brain, concentration improves along with memory enchantment and dementia prevention. People can use it at home, kindergartens, and schools.

Another brain trainer is “Brainwaves Train.” This brain training toy is for measuring the brain’s concentration level. A user must concentrate to move toys, and depending on scores, his or her level of concentration is measured. The device is useful for educational institutes, companies, and individuals. For more information, you can visit www.braintoctoc.com

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