Korean SMEs at CeBIT 2006
Korean SMEs at CeBIT 2006
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Many Korean firms are exhibiting at CeBIT 2006 Hannover in Germany and the following is a sampling of some of the firms and their products:
Neosol is a technology company with comprehensive experience in the development of Flat Panel Display (FPD) and Applications (TV, DVD, D-TV). By developing the Full Color Organic EL (OLED) Panel Driving & control Technology, it became the first to commercialize OLED PMR (PMP Recorder) and TMR (TV+PMP Recorder). It is a company specializing in Full Color Organic El Applications, and enhanced multi-function PMP products in the next generation Moving Picture Digital Multimedia field. The PMP CLIOD 3550 equipped with 3.5-inch TFT LCD and 16.7million colors display offers TV reception as well as recording functions and FM radio reception. It is a versatile, portable, multi-functional product with Video, Audio, Picture, text storage and playback as well as Line-outs to auxiliary AV devices. Equipped with 10.4-inch TFT LCD display, the CLIOD Wireless TV is Different concept from normal fixed TV at home. It's wireless and cordless, so it can be portable wherever you go such as kitchen, living room, garden, camping and party within the radius of 30. It is able to connect to DVD, TV, and VCR. Wooksung Electronics Inc. Today's communication environment is rapidly changing from existing PSTN for voice-only communication into multimedia communication of voice, image and data communication via fast growing broadband Internet infrastructure. WOOKSUNG, founded in 1995 is continuously devoting itself to implementing 'future communication today.' WOOKSUNG, a multimedia communication specialized company, is dedicated to meeting customers' desire for innovative communication in real life situations. Wooksung Electonics (www.wooksung.com) will be exhibiting its Standalone H.323/SIP broadband Videophones, known as TelePhoSee. This is a low-cost model for the general user, with compact industrial design TelePhoSee videophones supports international standards H.323/SIP, connecting with all videophones and software conforming to those standards. TelePhoSee videophones also connect to MSN Messenger (SIP) and NetMeeting (H.323) chatting programs. TelePhoSee videophones incorporate a userfriendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) and touch screen (optional) for easy menu navigation and use. TelePhoSee includes applications such as Video calling, Call recording, Video answering machine, CID (Caller ID), and Phonebook. TelephoSee has various applications, such as video calling, distance learning, telemedicine, sign language communication for and with disabled persons, and multimedia content services
Seju Engineering (www.safe-drive.com) is another Korean firm participating in CeBIT 2006 Seju was established in 1991 in order to develop and manufacture parts and system used exclusively in the military. Up until 1998 Seju exclusively produced military parts such as Small Size Electronic Explosive Detonators (EED), Self Destruct Fuses, Shock Sensor and Reserve Battery. However, from 1998 Seju commenced civilian-type business and it has now taken up an unchallenged position in the field of sensors and systems. At Cebit, it is showcasing its micro alcohol sensor for cell phones, a personal alcohol detector and gas detector. Its alcohol sensor is very small so the sensor can be put into ac ell phone or MP3. SEJU will display state of the art Micro Gas Sensors, and visitors to its stand can see and experience various electronic gadgets where Seju's sensors are adopted (Personal Alcohol Detector, Portable Gas Detector, Bad Breath Detector) Safe-Drive is a Personal Alcohol Detector in LED display. Safe-Drive has a key ring and is equipped with flash. With recalibration function Safe-Drive has very high accuracy. The technology used in the company's sensor devices, called MEMS or Micro Electro Mechanical System is meaning technology for micro semiconductor processing. This technology is to integrate electric and mechanical parts into micro small size one, and MEMS means to fabricate a system with new function by combining mechanical structure and electric structure of micro scale together.
UFOSys (http://www.ufosys.co.kr) which stands for 'User-friendly Object Systems' will be showcasing its Octopus 2.0 at CeBIT 2006. This is the first integrated cable and device in the world for connecting the computer peripherals such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, microphone, and 2USBs. The Octopus 2.0 consists of three parts: monitor station, any cable and PC station. The Octopus 2.0 provides cleaner and more comfortable computer The company is dedicated to making life easier for its customers by adopting human + product + environmental friendliness to enhance convenience, improve efficiency and save resources.
Myung Information Technologies (www.myung.co.kr) is showcasing its Flash Memory Disk, Standard 2.5' and 3.5' size (IDE and SCSI interface). It is fast, light and durable and recognized in CMOS setup. It will also be exhibiting products for data recovery, HDD repair and LCD repair. Myung has been developing HDD repairing technology and data recovery technology since 1990 and has been leading the world data recovery industry. The firm is specialized in physical data recovery and has developed many kinds of data recovery software. Since 1990, it has recovered more than 175,000 defective HDDs, and developed LCD panel repairing technology, plus producing desktop and car LCD monitors. In addition, Myung has invented flash memory disk for the first time in Korea and repairs various kinds of storage devices. It has subsidiary companies in China, Hongkong and Malaysia, and has transferred its advanced technology to Japan and Thailand. In 2006, it plans to set up more than 10 subsidiary companies worldwide.
emFrontier, an IT subsidiary of HanKook Tire Corp. offers a great deal of expertise for system development and manufacturing management backed by the solid financial support and experience of HanKook Tire Corp. With strong marketing organization and technical background, emFrontier is the best in e-Business integration and provides e-Business consulting and outsourcing service to progressive companies around the world. At CeBit it is offering clients solutions to monitoring a warehouse with 3D graphics, analyzing data with various management factors, finding problems, and providing powerful optimization solution (efficiency for space management and productivity in delivery distance, etc) by various simulations, emFrontier, Inc's air-WOS (Warehouse Optimization System) support every type of Warehouse Management System. As a result, users for 3PL (Third Party Logistics) suppliers, retail business (CPG), manufacturers, whole or retail sellers with the latest technology can run more powerful and effective warehouse optimization management.
Mobiblu, the brand name of Hyun Won Inc. (www.mibiblu.com), is a firm that has been producing and selling digital audio players and IPS equipment since 1996. It comprises a digital research institute, factories and trade networks. At CeBIT, the company is putting on show its mobiBLU DAH-1500, the 'World's smallest Cube MP3 player' and will be launching a new product, DAH 1900 with the world's longest battery life and up to 150 hours of playback. Another innovative product that it the DHH-200, which is an HDD-based Micro Multimedia Player, which can play music and MPEG video. At CES2001 in Las Vegas, Hyun Won Inc. won the Consumer Electronics Association's Innovations 2001 Design Award for Cassette type MP3 Player and the player was awarded 'Best of Retail Vision Europe 2002.' In addition at 2003 CES, the company won the 'Best of CES Finalist' by Tech TV in the Audio Division for DualSports, which incorporated a wireless HRM (heart rate monitor) and a digital audio player.
BND Co. Ltd. will be featuring at CeBit its groundbreaking product, the BND Browser. This mobile browser is not only a core technology of wireless Internet but has also become a major function of mobile phones and is now in demand to satisfy all users' and operators' diverse needs, as well as conforming to global standards. The BND browser was created based on wide experience in developing mobile software and it is destined to be the best solution for the wireless Internet. Some of its special features are: easy porting and integration, device optimized layout engine, flexibility in customizing. Even if LCD size and color depth is changed, the core manages them automatically without any additional porting. It supplies users a convenient and easy browsing environment with vertical picture optimization technique for those Web pages wider than screen width. The BND Browser was designed to deploy each wireless operator's unique features immediately as well as to make terminal device manufacturers save effort while porting. The firm sees its BND Browser as becoming everyone's best partner for the wireless Internet era. Fusionsoft is a mobile solution development company that is showcasing its products at CeBit. Since its establishment in 1999, the company was the first in the world to develop an Interrelated Embedded Database Engine mounted on a mobile phone, and obtained OMA certification by developing SyncML based on WIN CE, Linux and others. An outstanding product it is featuring at CeBit is the 'odd-I PMP' mobile multiplayer, mounted with a 2M Pixel camera that allows users to enjoy watching movies or photos on the screen, even sharing the experience with other people. In addition it has an MP3 player to enjoy listening to music or radio. It can also be used to read text or for voice recording, and adding a function of USB host makes it even more convenient. Also it can be used for fast and safe driving with its navigation support feature for cars. In addition to this product Fusionsoft has a number of other mobile solution products, such as Easylink, a solution that improves the functions of mobile phones by connecting them to PCs, by adding Phonebook or Schedule.

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