Solongus - Land of Rainbow -
Solongus - Land of Rainbow -
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In the past and recent years, the world powers were and are ambitious and power-hungry. As self-seekers, they were and are diamond cut diamond. (龍虎相搏) Full of guile, arrogance and obsequiousness, they have been second to none in concealing their feline amenities. And they were and are real or potential enemies to each other. They couldn‟t have rocky friendships with others. In this point, they are almost alike. (難兄難弟)

Of course, they do know it that:
“There is no common ground for sharing the power. As empire builders we can never become good friends in the forthcoming what if game.”

The rage for power has bred enmity, further death feud.
Nonetheless, they did not and do not mind such a tragedy. Power was and is blind.
That is why they capture the power.

Geographically, Asia and the Pacific has been a potential area of advance for any predatory force.
And there has been a saying from the long ago that:

“The power that rules Asia and the Pacific
is the power that rules the world.”

Indeed, like the saying the world superpowers have sought for their anabases into the main Asian continent since the human history began. The most ambitious Greek warrior, Alexander the Great, invaded and conquered the Persian Empire in the Middle East.

As Pretender to the throne of the entire world, he continuously tried to advance to the East and subjugate the subcontinent India. But his campaign stopped there owing to the Indians‟ strong resistance. After all, he did not achieve his great dream to rule over the world.

So-called the Mistress of the World, the old Roman Empire, could not reach out the main Asian land, either. In the earlier 19th century Napoleon Bonaparte also tried to wage the Eastern campaign named the Russian expedition. But, he, too, failed. Only the Mongolian warrior, Genghis Khan, succeeded in conquering the main Asian continent and the Central Asia.
(Below are his military campaign and his Empire. Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Then his mobile troops with horse carriage crossed the Ural Mountains and invaded the Eastern Europe. Then, he could build up one of the greatest Empires in the world.

Later, the west European powers such as Portugal, Spain, the Dutch, and the British reached out the seashore of Asia and the Pacific after the sea route was discovered across the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

But, only the British could take the Indian subcontinent and the Pacific islands. Then the Englishmen could build the greatest British Empire of the world. But the Empire did not seize the huge Asian mainland of China. She had to stay as the Mistress of the Seas. So far, no one has conquered the entire world from the East to the West, the North to South. None could have united the whole world and become the absolute ruler of the world.

However, the speedy, powerful horseless chariots changed the world weather drastically in the last century. As a result, the land & sea routes were open on every side. Above all, people say that the lion's share has been discovered in Asia and the Pacific. One time, Golconda of India was a gold mine for nuggets of gold. Like the Indian gold mine lots of diamonds have been found here and there. As redoubtable gluttons, the would-be World powers have been intent upon devouring everything in sight here and there. Finally, they have begun
the world campaign to capture the lion‟s share, nuggets of gold or diamonds with their modernized but monstrous chariots.

Already, they have concentrated their attention on Asia and the Pacific as if the areas had been an untouched "Lion's share." Then, they have dispatched superbly trained infantries, speedy cavalries, and cruisers into Asia and the Pacific region deeply according to their ultimate design. In the end, the huge Asian theater has been transformed into the „hot place.‟

Presently, the tigerish predators have established their own advance bases in Seoul, Korea, Bangkok in Thailand, Singapore, Beijing in China, Manila in the Philippines, Victoria in Australia, and other specific sites. So, Korea, China, South East Asia, along with India and Australia are bound to become major battlefronts for G20 in the merchantable name of「peaceful and profitable (Auto) Dialogue」.

In superb condition, they have shipped their own monstrous chariots and new-fashioned aircrafts in their light and heavy carriers. Anticipating the volcanic war, they are roaming the seas and steaming with several phenomenal armadas including destroyers and squadrons. Certainly, they are to preempt and capture the lion‟s share with exquisite timing for their own complete and decisive victories. Like it or not, the Pan-Asia & Pacific War is coming from near and far like the "Rim of the World Pro Rally" opening in California every year

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