Poised to Capture Overseas Markets
Poised to Capture Overseas Markets
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MultiChannel Labs, emerges as a leader of the 21C digital convergence revolution by developing new technologies matching market trends Following the company's success in winning contracts amounting to $8.25 million at the 2006 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, the United States in Jan. this year, MP3 player special manufacturer MultiChannel Labs. (www.xclef.com) is poised to capture Europe by its participation in the 2006 CeBIT Germany which will be held on March 9~15, 2006 with the support of the Incheon IT Promotion Agency.
Ahead of its participation in the 2006 CeBIT Germany too, MultiChannel Labs has been cutting a conspicuous figure in world markets as the company's product line-ups were favorably commented upon from buyers in world renowned exhibitions by developing diverse products from high-end MP3 Player field up to i-PMP (Intelligent Portable Multimedia Player), HDD multimedia player for automotive,PMP with DMB receiver, DVB-T /H receiver , GPS navigation system and so forth. At this 2006 CeBIT Germany as well, the company is expected to attract lots of attention from on-the-spot buyers with its product line-ups such as DivX Player, MP3 Player, and DMB/DVB-T & Navigation etc. Europe: a main market for MultiChannel Labs With a view to realizing the future multimedia society for everyone, MultiChannel Labs is always striving to be the best, this company CEO Kim Jong-soo mentioned, on the importance of the company's participation in the 2006 CeBIT Germany, referring to the fact that Europe is currently the main market for the company. Touching upon its participation background in the 2006 CeBIT Germany in an interview with The Korea IT Times, Kim elaborated, "Recently, the IT market has expanded very rapidly. Furthermore, the needs from the market include highly ranked technology, various functionalities, multiple purposes and even low cost." In other words, the situation is very tough for a company which is doing their own development of multimedia products. In that respect, he asked, "How do many companies meet the needs of market in this condition" They are worried about the fact that there might be no way to survive from the competition with various manufacturers. However, a possible way is to fundamentally develop unique technology and find out new items that will match the market trends. MultiChannel Labs' product line-up also such as DivX Player and MP3 Player are products that were in that context launched, according to Kim. First off as to DivX Player, through USB2.0 interface, you can save and carry tons of DivX Movie, MP3 Music, JPG Photo, Study Office, game, entertainment multimedia contents data within 2.5"HDD Disc. Likewise, you can enjoy remarkable high-quality picture and 5.1 Ch Digital sound which you downloaded through the Internet freely, he explained. He proposed, "Now why don't you enjoy DivX movies on a general home TV in the living room without gloomy monitor and computer noise" In addition to this, you can use this player in vehicles using cigarette jacks and car batteries, Kim added. Especially, it is available to utilize for education and entertainment because this player can support DivX and MP3 subtitle. Currently, it can be further easily used in both home and vehicle with a specific docking station. An Entertainer in Your Hands!
As for MultiChannel Labs' MP3 Player, another key product, its MP3 Player can support several audio formats and good audio quality. CEO Kim, who explained that its MP3 Player stands for "A Gateway to your Indoor Entertainment" and "An Entertainer in Your Hands!", elaborated, "The main functions of it include MP3 playback, MPEG4 playback, game, image viewer, FM Tuner, line-in recoding, voice recoding, time schedule and alarm", adding that the hard disk will be used as media storage. It also has two-way external speakers and 2.0" TFT-LCD display. For using in the world, he is proud to speak that it can support multiple languages and ID3 tag information. Toward the end of the 20th century, the appearance of computers has drastically changed many things in human life and led human being into the vortex of another revolution, the so called "Information Revolution". Especially, Kim pointed out that utilization of the Internet has made it possible to get more useful information than ever and to exchange any type of data each other without a direct visit. In that regard, many companies and institutes are studying more effective multimedia devices for the integration of audio, data and video recently. In particular, Kim noted that the desire for a good quality of multimedia data such as image, audio and video is leading the market to concentrate on this matter. At the center of this new trend, he said confidently that his engineers' experience and expertise accumulated in this field would be a great contribution to fulfill the realization of the future multi-media society and the company, MultiChannel- Labs, will be one of the most popular companies specialized in multimedia technology in the world. Leading the way in the 21C digital revolution He further emphasized that MultiChannel will be a leading part of the 21st century digital revolution, conquering world markets with technology power through MP3 and DMB/DVBT/ H receiver etc. The president, who said that MultiChannel is better known in overseas markets rather than at home, since it gains 90% of its turnover in overseas exports, emphasized that the only way for smaller companies to survive is technology development. Pointing out that there are boundaries in securing researchers in a reality of smaller companies whose funding is inferior, he explained that there is no choice but to solve technology development through an educational-industrial cooperation. His management philosophy is product development that can satisfy the needs of customers. Thus, he is investing over 10% of turnover profit in R&D (research & development) while a half of the company who work in laboratories among a total of 20 employees, are putting their heart and soul into new technology development. He underscored that MultiChannel Labs aims to grow as the best enterprise not only at home, but also in overseas market by becoming a leader of the digital convergence revolution.

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