Solongus - Global Maneuver
Solongus - Global Maneuver
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After all, the Korean peninsular, one-time called Solongus, the land of Rainbow, also has been unwillingly faced and then flushed into the fluctuating world situation. Until before the turn of the century, Korea, like a fantastic name Solongus, had been shone in the dim lights from the stars. 

However, the stars were from the soil of the peninsular. Then, they divided and ruled the whole peninsular by one-thirds as if they were the three old kingdoms in the past. In actuality, there were three small kingdoms in the Korean peninsular long ago. They were named Shilla (新羅), Baekjae (百濟), and Koguryo (高句麗). Of course, the kingdoms were already gone into the history. 

Fortuitously, as if the current glimmering stars are their reincarnation the three earthly stars have been shining down upon the peninsular. The stars are named Hyundai(代in Chinese character) with his satellite Kia Motors (acronym, Korean International Automobile), Daewoo International, Samsung. They are redolent of the old three kingdoms. For such a reason, the Korean people have imagined: 

“The three stars are the lamp of our hope as the reincarnation of the old kingdoms.”

Such a romantic imagination has gone now. Only survival game remains. Already, the peninsular has become one of the major battlefronts in the world as HVT. These days, people say:

“Seeing the on-going situation in the world, the reality of the externalities stays here in the Korean peninsular. So far it seemed a buffer state between the world powers. Now it has become a bitter battleground for the worldwide superhawks. So, it has become a conflicting region for the superhawks.”


             “Amphictyony” (隣保同盟)

Like the peoples’ saying, invisible and endless competition has come with wolfish World Powers. All the powers are string-pullers and saber rattlers like ferocious wolf pack. Time creeps on. Finally they have come up to the peninsular and begun to envelope the peninsular little by little as if they were to pretend to the crown of the Korean peninsular. 

Year after year the externality has become faceless, scentless and unpredictable like a booby trap set by the invisible bull-whack. But the Koreans did not feel their saber-rattling seriously. At the first onset, they had simply thought that:

“It is a transient symptom in the changing world weather.”

They have had not possessed of some misgivings that:

“Now on-going symptom might be deceptive and unfavorable to us. Over time, it will become more critical and gloomier over time than we expect. Then it will be developed and transformed into a White War.” 

As it happened they had to have deeply felt that it was a serious White War.

So, they hurriedly lined up for the coming battle to break through the encircled situation.


However, the time was

too late in realizing the mortal danger;

too late in preparedness;

too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance.


As a matter of fact, it was not easy to overcome the fierce struggles with the worldly-wide powers. In tune with the acute situation, the Koreans should have realized it earlier. Then they had to buck against them vehemently and buckle down to their work. Also, they must have made military alliances such as amphictyony (league of neighbors, 隣保同盟) in the ancient Greece. 

But it was too late. Already they have mistimed for survival. As it happened, a crossed star called Daewoo  came to be on the blink before the world powers’ saber-rattling. One time he tried to revitalize himself for years but failed in the cloudy world weather. Then he came to yield before GM (General Motors) in the end.


                       “GM & Global Maneuver”


He is the most powerful American warlord. Origin of Detroit, Michigan, he has been possessed of fabulous dream and pathological desire to be a big man of the world. Originated from his insatiable lust for the rule over the world, he carried the sharp spear of Pontiac and three shields of Buick in his hands. 

Under the flag of cross sign, he was and is moving chariots by name Oldsmobile & GMC marked shiny brand of Cadillac.


Reportedly, he was and is called

    a great machismo as an American gunman,

                           generating maximum powers

                                                    loaded with new gigantic missiles

                                                           over the global manufacturing in this world.

                                                                                         Generally mentioning,

                                                                  his grand maneuvering

                                                in the global management

                 and general marketing theaters of operation

 was and is greatly magnificent.


So far, he has drunken the cup of greatness from the early 20th century. Nonetheless, his real actions have been endless and unstoppable.

Looking at a deeper level into his military strength, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet were and are his prominent military divisions in America. Overseas, he had allied troops such as lightening-like Opel in Germany, Vauxhall of Britain, lion-like Holden in Australia, Saab in Sweden. 

By committing the domestic and overseas Divisions, he drew up the atlas of the entire world to pinpoint and create nuts and bolts of founding his own Empire. Since the middle of the last century he has worked out his occupation project of this globe as if he were a modern Caesar in this new century. In this context, he has also created a stepping stone in China in the name of joint venture with a Shanghai warlord, SAIC in China. One of their creations is located in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. And they call it Wuling with the logo pointing to superhawks like eagle with diamond. Another creation is christened Baojun with the meaning of ‘invaluable horse’ and the brand of Baojun. 

According to his reckless imagination, he has been already determined to govern this blue satellite completely after dividing the globe into his self-centered four provinces. And then, his coverage of this world will be

                                                          North America,


                    Asia & the Pacific,

and Latin America + Africa + Middle East.


Kyu-ho, Hwang

That is his architectural design.

With his royal vanguards and lion- or lightening-like foreign allied troops GM was and is now aggressively pushing forward global operations to the whole world in whatever direction and whenever possible. As part of the whole conquest of the world, he reached the Far East before the turn of the century.

Then he beckoned to a Korean, delivering his hidden mind to him with threatening words as below:

“Like my trademark GM written in the rectangular, I’m the Greatest Man of the world. If you know me do not buck against me. Please surrender before me as soon as possible. It will be a better life for you.”


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