Solongus - The CrossSign
Solongus - The CrossSign
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Fortuitously, the Korean Daewoo had been in a big problem inside at the time. His inefficient management and over-expansive behaviors led him into a pinch financially. He was almost bankrupt. Without any measures made, his families were destined to starve into death. From bad to worse, the belly had no ears, no pride. 

For such a reason, the family of Daewoo had to decide in bitter tears that ‘surrender is preferable to death. We had better yield to foreign powers to save a life.’

Then the family was divided into two groups according to the powers’ appetites, either passenger or commercial. The first group came to be combined with an American wolf pack GM. The second was gone to a dark horse, who was an emerging Indian raja Tata. Tata is a newly rising world prince with big money. 

In this way, the divided Daewoo families each went to their new boss and vowed him to be a loyal servant, shepherd or vanguard. As their vanguard each has shamefully gotten a new name, Tata Daewoo or GM Daewoo according to his boss’ surname. 

Recently the American general GM, as godfather, has rechristened Daewoo GM Chevy of Korea with the decoration of the Cross. 


The Cross Sign

Louis Chevrolet (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In this relation, there are some historic accounts. The decoration signifies the Cross sign of victory. His real name is Louis Chevrolet, who is tough, aggressive, and adventurous as shown in his picture. He leads the Division of Chevrolet as one of the best divisional commanders under GM. So the Division was named after his family name. Usually people call his chariot Chevy as his pet name. 

The chariot Chevy is famous for the People’s Chariot with the badge of the ‘cross sign.’

At first glance, the cross mark looks like a bandage for the wounded soldiers. So, it reminds the people of the benediction () by the angel of human being, Nightingale in the war.

However, the color is not yellowish but green. So it is different in color. If so, the golden mark is not related to humane charity and benediction. Rather, the yellow mark may possess other quite different meaning that is bravery or killing the enemy.

In the traditional Western society, the golden badge points to Distinguished Service Cross. The Cross is bestowed to a valiant soldier for his military service and great patriotic acts. From this point of view, the golden logo might signify indirectly that:

“Chevy adventures any danger on the way like a brave cavalier. So, like the commander Louis Chevrolet Chevy does not worry about any national or personal safety. Please rely upon Chevy and then he will keep you from any risk with the golden shield. Already he has gotten a Medal of Honor like the Roman soldier. So he can protect you.”

Constantine (left) and Maxentius (right)


In the Western community there is a word, ‘No cross, no crown.’

The word came from the storied Roman Cross Medal. In the old Roman times, there was a big war between the Roman Caesars. 

At the time the Imperial Rome was divided into four small empires and ruled by the four Caesars in four directions. So the North-West Roman province was ruled by Constantine, the South-West was by Maxentius. And the North-East and South-East were governed by other Caesars.

With a strikingly chiseled-featured machismo with penetrating eyes,Constantine was not satisfied with the current status and wanted to take over the entire Roman world. So, he tried conclusions with Maxentius, emperor of the South-West Roman province, to unite the West Roman Empire. Then he intended to fight the East Roman Emperors.

The Battle of Milvian (Source: Mormon Heretic)

According to the folklore, Constantine ordered his soldiers at the previous night before the battle, explaining his dream he had got before:

“A few days ago I dreamed a strange dream. In my dream I saw the God Almighty. He gave me a sign and made me His godly person. I think that the sign is the victory from the God. So, I order you to draw the sign of ‘Cross’ on your shields. Tomorrow I’ll defeat Maxentius with the cross sign. The sign will lead us to triumph. Surely we’ll win.”

At this odd order, his soldiers were puzzled and dumfound. But they reluctantly followed him. Over the night they daubed the sign on their shields by hand. The next day, on 28 October 312, they went to the battlefront by the Milvian Bridge to fight against Maxentius. Hardly had they lifted up the shields engraving the sign of Cross when the sky suddenly began to shine the sunlight on the battlefront. Then the inscrutable power of the cross sign appeared from the sky. 

The brilliant sunlight stunned Maxentius’ great army. Thus, his army could not see anything before the Constantine’s soldiers and fight against them. As a result, they backed down and fled. Finally Constantine defeated Maxentius’ troops. In short, the power from the Sign helped Constantine win the war. From then on, Constantine and his soldiers would use the shield of Cross Sign for victory. 

Like Constantine the Great, GM is searching for the power over the entire world. Knowing of the Roman historical accounts, GM has used the sign of Cross in his army Chevy. Chevy has been regarded as GM’s most powerful and glorious troop as well as the people’s favorite chariots. Like a yellowish cross logo, the troop has outshone other divisions. 

In this context, the name of Chevy and its mark seems to be honorable for Daewoo. Like the spiny road of life of Daewoo, the one-time proudly Samsung Motors (三星) was gone, too.  He is now acting as one of the French army, Renault. 

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