Solongus - A Whippy Man
Solongus - A Whippy Man
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Meanwhile the Sun King sent another belligerent general into the Korean peninsular. The general landed and met a Korean named Samsung and dissuaded him from fighting against him. His threatening words alarmed him. Reluctantly Samsung came to join his military circle as his lieutenant. Now the Korean is renamed Renault-Samsung after his boss’ surname Renault. So Renault became his foster father and taught him how to compete with the world warlords. The way was to discover the difference. It has now become his slogan as a life motto. And, Samsung’s position has changed into the Sun King’s ame damneé(subordinate) and his Kingdom became French protectorate as vassal state. 

In this way, the French Empire, so-called Renault group, was built up suddenly as an elephantine figure in the world stage as well as a man of mark. The Renault TrioFrench Renault, Japanese Nissan and Korean Samsungis now to pave the way into the Land of Solongus deeply. 

To the Korean side, however, Daewoo & Samsung have gone to the world powers such as GM, Renault, and unknown dark horse like Indian Tata. Further, it was in a critical situation for the Korean peninsula. Here was a man by name Ssangyong

Originally, his name means two dragons(雙龍 in Chinese character)with sharp horns coupled with a breathing fire. Like his manly name Dragons, he eagerly wanted to be a colossal entrepreneur like a rhinoceros in the world. His emblem also looks like sharp horns of dragons. Like his glaring name and emblem, he wished to be proud of a Korean machismo. Caused by the booby trap, however, such name and mascot, and slogan seemed ineffective, almost meaningless. Inside he felt the pinch with no meal ticket. (四顧無親)

Even if he tried to make a superhuman effort he looked glimmering, played-out in the stringency. In fact, he was unprotected and groundless. So he was desperately waiting for a sponsor to feed and clothe. If somebody does not look after him, he might be ebbing away soon or late. Or, the monetary difficulties would starve him into death. As a desperate remedy, he has found out his future companion. He is an Indian mogul, Mahindra, with the meaning of ‘conqueror of the world’ in Sanskrit. Like the meaning he is another rising Indian tycoon like Tata, flush of money. He lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

In partnership with the French Renault, Mahindra is said to have several military camps in UK, USA, Italy, China and South Africa as if he were another Indian late-bloomer. These days, Ssangyong has allied with the Indian in March of the year 2011, saying boldly that “We only think cars” in a pretentious bearing. (Please, bob up again like a cork. And, go your way as a rhinoceros.) 

In this way the world powers have snaffled the three Koreans as if they were worldly-wide saber-rattlers and the Koreans were their preys. From bad to worse, recently the foreign world powers have augmented their military strength superiorly. Then, their overwhelming powers have begun with hypervelocity to press upon the peninsular like superhawks. Day by day the Korean situation is badly deteriorating.


10  Whippy Man  

After all,there is only one Korean left. (四面楚歌) So far he has not succumbed to the global superhawks. Rather, he has shown his true colors so far. Probably, he might be the last man to change this sort of desperate situation. Now, he has been intrinsic to the fate of the Land of Rainbow. In all, he has become the symbol of Korea itself. 

He is usually called Chang Bo-ko(張保皐, 장보고 in Korean character). Chang Bo-ko is not his real but assumed name. His real name is Cheong Mong-gu. But, with no reason, it is not familiar to the people. He also likes himself to be called Chang Bo-kobetter. 

The flag and the logo of Hyundai.

In actual facts, the figure of Chang Bo-ko was a Korean tycoon in the middle of the 9thcentury. Starting from virtually nothing he built up the ‘kingdom of the Sea’ as an avant-garde for international trade. Cheong Mong-gu has now re-organized his kingdom and been eager to be respected as an honorable machismo like the historic figure in this world.

On the right side, the letters are his slogan. The logo of Hyundai is the acronym of his kingdom’s English name, Hyundai, matching Han Dynasty.

At first glance, it is similar to Honda’s. So, the both are almost the same by using the English alphabet ‘H.’ The difference is erect or sloping in character of H in English. Owing to the similarity of their logos, lots of people feel confused with recognizing which one belongs to Honda or Hyundai.

The logo of Honda

Presumably, both of them are taken after the acronym of their English name, Han Dynasty or Honda . But, their meanings are quite different. Hyundai has the meaning of ‘modernity’ (現代in Chinese character)but Honda stands for ‘home ground’ (本田) pointing to Japanese mainland. Also their substantial slogans are different; Honda’s slogan is ‘Power of Dreams’ but Hyundai’s ‘New Thinking & New Possibilities.’

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