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INTEL Unveils Tera-Scale Computing Research Program Intel introduced its Tera-Scale Computing Research Program, a broad effort within Intel's research community to develop future platforms that will deliver capabilities well beyond those of today's computers. The Tera-Scale program will be a global effort, involving hundreds of researchers driving more than 80 related projects at Intel research and development labs throughout the world. --- Greece National Day fated with commemorating function
The Embassy of the Hellenic Republic observed the country's National Day on March 21 at the Seoul Millennium Hilton, hosted by Greek Amb. Amb. & Mrs. Constantin Drakakis and Embassy staff. Since 1821, the Greeks have observed Mar. 25 as their National Day, commemorating the day they gained their freedom from Turkey, according to the Embassy of Greece. The Seoul Diplomatic Corp joined the function in large numbers, including Brazil Amb. Pedro Paulo Assumpcao, Czech Amb. Tomas Smetanka, and Romania Amb. Valeriu Arteni. -- Driving force to encourage women's science technology inroads. With a view to sharing diverse opinions regarding scientific technology education and nurturing of women workforce, policies for ability display of women scientists and up science culture activity of women scientists, the 1st Korea-England Women Scientist Forum was held at Grand Intercontinental Seoul on Marvh 30. British Amb. Warwick Morris said that he expected this Korea- England Women Science Forum to become the driving force to encourage women's science technology circle inroads. -- Tunisia's 50th Independence Day Attended by Many Envoys
Tunisia observed the nation's 50th Independence Day by throwing a party on March 20 at the Hotel Shilla. Many ambassadors were present at the function including the dean of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. El Salvador Amb. Alfredo F. Ungo, Austrian Amb. Wilhelm Donko, Greek Amb. Constantin Drakakis, Hungary Amb. Dr. Istvan Torzsa, and so on. It is said that Tunisia promotes IT development from the national dimension including the WSIS held in Tunisia last November, according to Tunisia Amb. Moncef Baati. -- 7 Hong Kong universities try to induce Korean students 7 Hong Kong universities have participated in "22nd Exhibition for Studying Abroad and Language Training" that has been held at COEX on March 25-26 in order to attract many Korean students to Hong Kong. Participant universities are Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Chinese Culture, Hong Kong Baptist Church University, Hong Kong University of Education, Hong Kong Science University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Municipal University. The 4th China-Korea Technomart 2006 The 4th China-Korea Technomart 2006 was held under the supervision of the Korea Industrial Technology Foundation from Mar. 4~to Mar. 16 in COEX, Seoul, Korea. Through long-term basis collaboration, investment cooperation, and human exchange, President & CEO Park Bong-kyu, Korea Industrial Technology Foundation said that to accumulate technology power with wide and diverse methods such as joint technology development and technology tie-ups, etc., which combine each other's edges, is a shortcut to accomplish mutual dynamic economy growth. -- "Share the Dream" With its motto, "Share the dream", the XV ANOC (the Association of National Olympic Committees) General Assembly & IOC Executive Board Meeting was held from March 31 through April 5, 2006 in Seoul. Through his welcoming speech at its Inaugural Ceremony held on April 2, Dr. Jung-Kil Kim, president of the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) & Organizing Committee, said that as a result of this ANOC General Assembly, every Olympic Committee worldwide would take a step closer to building a better and more peaceful world. -- Exciting New Models of Foreign Cars Launched in Seoul Newly launched foreign auto models such as Volkswagen, SAAB and Rolls Royce hit Seoul streets last month. First off, sporty motoring's living legend, Volkswagen's fifth-generation Golf GTI has completed 50 autos reservation sales just two weeks since its launch. Volkswagen officials said: "As customers who prefer more dynamic sports driving, are on the rise with the new five-day workweek, Golf GTI's popularity is expected to continue for quite a time." Completely revamped, SAAB's middle/large-sized model also was pleasant news for SAAB fans who were looking forward to the arrival of SAAB's new model.

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