"Globalization" the Keyword for IT
"Globalization" the Keyword for IT
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IT Outlook Market survey firm IDC sees major challenges to Korean IT industry in 2006 As disruptive changes are expected for the business prospects of IT companies in 2006 due to the slowdown of the global IT market growth, plus convergence as well as integration of IT and communication industry over the past two years, domestic IT companies also are likely to have to prepare for such challenges proactively.
Firstly, the global IT market's growth rate is anticipated to fall off slightly from 5.6% in 2005 to 5.5% this year. D.H.Oh, Country Manager of IDC Korea Ltd. (who serves concurrently as Managing Director of IDC North Asia), proposed in an exclusive interview with The Korea IT Times that IT supply firms as well as IT business circle leaders who pursue growth, will thus have to map out new strategies creatively looking for new products, offering new services, new business models, and industry relations. As "globalization" is the keyword at the core of the international IT market, the Country Manager of the market survey institution IDC Korea, predicted that globalization can provide Korea with excellent business opportunities, particularly China and India. BRICs countries' IT spending which is expected to grow 13~15% every year, can be utilized as enormous opportunities for foreign IT exporters like Korea, he explained. Secondly, M&As seem to be continuing to increase this year too as the main current changes to 'Dynamic IT' which becomes more modularlized, is effective, and is sensitive to business. Thirdly, as one of the key issues in this year's global IT industry, IDC is proposing the creation of an "Open Innovation" community, to which IT leaders such as Microsoft should attach most importance. Oh elaborated on the background of this proposal: "Now, it is almost difficult to find a 'go it alone model' in today's IT industry and thus community-based innovation models such as open source plays an important role in forming market leadership." Fourthly, Oh noted that during the past several years, IT marketing methods are changing from product to service, predicting that such change will be more accelerated in 2006. Fifthly, he predicts that the "Google effect" would spur the "disruptive models" change of traditional firms, adding that in 2006, Google would spark big changes of information, applications as well as the service part of the IT industry. Influenced by such global keywords, the Country Manager says that the domestic IT market's key themes also in 2006 will be as follows: *Due to dynamic IT strategy spread, interest in solutions of platform shape will be increased continuously. *"Open source" will be more diffused. *IT marketing methods will be changed from product to service. *Interest in 'Mobility' will be even more enhanced. *'Convergence' trends across the industry as well as technology will be accelerated. In particular, Oh explained that IT leaders need to listen to the Top 10 Predictions (IT keywords) of domestic IT market in 2006 which are provided by IDC Korea. IDC Korea 's Top 10 IT keywords at home are comprised of: 'IT growth rate 4.6%', 'Dynamic IT environment', 'Integration information model attention', 'Application modularization', 'IT service, M&A acceleration', 'Convergence network', 'Network opening actualization', 'Communication, Dot.com investment liveliness', 'New paradigm PC advent', and 'Emerging technology'. In regard to the domestic IT market outlook this year, Oh predicted that the domestic IT market, which includes PCs, enterprise servers, printer, storage, software as well as IT service and so on, would become a market scale of 13.4870 trillion won (around $13.8 billion), growing 4.6%. plus with an annual 5% growth from 2006 through 2007. Differentiating itself from other market survey companies doing business in Korea that are oriented toward selling foreign information to domestic users, the Country Manager is proud that IDC Korea is providing both domestic export-centered companies such as Samsung & LG with global information, and is simultaneously providing foreign countries with information on the domestic market.

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