Offering the best expansion joints in the world: Megaflexon Co., Ltd.
Offering the best expansion joints in the world: Megaflexon Co., Ltd.
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Most of engineering industries and power plants are likely to face problems related to the joints of their products, such as pipe-work and duct systems.

Optimal expansion joint is in need from round to rectangular shape, or hard to flexible products, for completing the work, and top quality expansion joint only comes with advanced and specialized technology. One of the companies that offer such high quality expansion joint is Megaflexon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Megaflexon”).

Since its establishment in 1986, Megaflexon has concentrated on providing quality products and service to the demanding global marketplace. It is recognized as a leading specialist of expansion joints, designing and manufacturing many different types of expansion joints, including rubber expansion joints, metallic expansion joints, fabric expansion, and more. Its recognition around the world is indicated by the achieving ten million US dollars in the export. With company’s accumulated experience and know-how, most of its staffs and management have an in-depth understanding of each industrial application, proving to meet customers’ best interests and specialized needs.

Expansion joints have a wide range of applications, and each expansion joint is designed based on its unique environmental and installation condition-pressure, temperature, movements, space, and/or corrosion. The applications of the expansion joints include power plants, chemical industry, steel industry, automotive industry, and waste water treatment. Its main product, metal expansion joints, is manufactured from both ferritic and austenitic materials, including series 300 and 400 stainless, titanium, aluminum and metal alloys, and offers round type, rectangular type, oval & special shape type or oversized metal expansion joints for any special needs. The company’s other recognized product, rubber expansion joints, offers gusset type, integral steel flange type or oversized rubber expansion joints, and Megaflexon has supplied such joints to engineering companies and power plants around the world, including Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

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Megaflexon Co., Ltd. has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.

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