The Evolution of GPS Navigation Systems Wows Us
The Evolution of GPS Navigation Systems Wows Us
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SEOUL, KOREA – These days, it is hard to find a car that is not equipped with a GPS navigation system. Taking into account the short history of GPS navigation systems (which debuted in the 2000s), its ubiquitousness of today is indeed remarkable.

Now, GPS systems are rapidly evolving into the key interface of ICT-armed smart cars. Automakers are busy upgrading their smartphone-linked navigation systems and infotainment functions.

A case in point is Chevrolet MyLink (a telematics system/infotainment system that has been slotted into GM Korea’s small SUV Trax). The 7-inch Chevrolet MyLink allows drivers to access smarphone navigation apps and connect to voice-activated cloud services. MyLink-powered cars are able to access data communications via a smartphone.

Chevrolet MyLink with reinforced interoperability with smartphones allows drivers to enjoy various apps such as BringGo (a smartphone navigation app that is cheaper than built-in navigation systems). Since all the maps are stored in BringGo, no extra data charges occur.

Above all, GPS navigation system makers are keen on improving a voice command feature. For instance, Hyundai MnSOFT’s voice-activated navigation system “Softman (S580V•S581V)” is capable of recognizing as many as 2 million words.

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