Microsoft's Surface Pro Gets a Bad Press
Microsoft's Surface Pro Gets a Bad Press
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SEOUL, KOREA – There is a rough road ahead for Microsoft’s hardware business. Microsoft, which had been much dispirited by sluggish sales of its first smart pad “Surface RT,” is now facing strong criticism even before its second ambitious tablet-laptop hybrid “Surface Pro” hits the market.

Major US news channels including Bloomberg and Reuter have given bad early reviews to the Surface Window 8 Pro, saying that it is neither a tablet nor a PC. Reuter reported, “A slew of bad reviews have cast a shadow over Microsoft’s strategy to take a bite out of sales of Apple’s products.

The Surface RT, released in October of last year, failed to live up to market expectations that its relatively high price would be offset by great performance, consequently posting listless sales.

Many people found that though the price of the Surface RT neared that of a personal computer, its performance was not as good as its rivals (e.g. the iPad) produced by Samsung Electronics and Apple.

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