The 2012 ISP Hacking Incident Traces back to a Look-a-like Site of NTS?
The 2012 ISP Hacking Incident Traces back to a Look-a-like Site of NTS?
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SEOUL, KOREA – It has been claimed that the December 2012 Internet Secure Payment (ISP) hacking originated from a bogus look-a-like site of National Tax Service (NTS), which was created by a new variant of phishing called “pharming.”

If it is confirmed to be true, the credibility of the NTS’s website, which is visited daily by tens of thousands of Korean taxpayers trying to pay taxes or applying for tax refunds online, will take a nasty knock.

On Sunday, VP Inc., a provider of ISP services, and relevant credit card companies said their probes into the December ISP hacking attempt found out that hackers stole the financial information of NTS website members who logged onto a look-a-like site of the NTS.

The ISP system is a security system for an online transaction worth less than KRW 300,000, which is currently adopted by KB Kookmin Card and BC Card.

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