ITcomm Unveils a Reasonably-priced MES Solution for SMEs
ITcomm Unveils a Reasonably-priced MES Solution for SMEs
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SEOUL, KOREA – A new MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution, geared towards small- and medium-sized manufacturers, has emerged. The adoption of MES solutions has been limited to large companies due to their high prices.

On Sunday, ITcomm said it independently developed a low-cost MES solution called Smart iMES Appliance.

MESs are IT systems that manage manufacturing operations in factories - such as dispatching production orders, management of resources, product lifecycle management, collection of production data, production performance analysis, production track & trace and scheduling production processes.

ITcomme’s MES solution boasts low installation costs - about KRW 100 million for an operation with 200-300 employees. Though the set-up cost differs in production size, the installation of a preexisting MES solution would cost an operation approximately KRW 500 million.

An official from ITcomm said, “The installation time has also been shortened from six months to three months since IT comm’s solution is supplied in the form of equipment (an appliance).

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