Genic is Integrating Science with Dreams
Genic is Integrating Science with Dreams
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Throughout history, the people who have taken the next steps of moved ahead of the pack are always dreamers. Society adores a dream and the people who are able to take it to the next level with implementation.

In these days that are wrought demanding and challenging competition, these dreams are becoming increasingly important. Every industry is saturated with countless companies globally that are following similar structures and manufacturing similar products, so how does one company get ahead of the rest The answer is simple: it starts with a dream. 

Genic Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with the goal of integrating science and dreams. As such, Genic has concentrated on the research and development of bioengineering products and diversifying distribution channels. Their express goal is to share the “true health and beauty of mankind” with as many people as possible.

It’s one thing to set goals, but as with any goal the proof is in the pudding. With Genic this is no exception, and the company’s exceptional product line is ready to blow away the competition in terms of quality and results. The product line is generally broken down into three subcategories. Cel-Derma combined the words cell and derma, hence giving it away as a skin care brand that is designed to keep skin cells looking healthy and young by utilizing Genic’s state of the art skin care technology. Lasante is created by using technology that was developed in house by Genic’s research and development center. Lasante contains natural and vegetable materials used by specialists, and include a skincare line, spa, esthetic, dermatology treatment, and care cosmetics. The third product line is PureTree, which is a therapeutic cosmetic that is natural like a tree. As such, it uses functional plants that are directly extracted from nature.


Genic continues to dream big, and it has seen many fruitful rewards as a result. Recently Genic has been selected as a KOTRA GLOBAL BRAND received the health industry award, selected as KRW 100 Billion Worth Venture Business, and is now listed in the KOSDAQ, amongst many other accolades. Genic’s goal from day one has been to produce the best quality products, and they can say with sincerity that this dream has been realized.


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Genic Co., Ltd. has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.


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