Precision Research and Development from Insung
Precision Research and Development from Insung
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As society becomes increasingly high tech, it is often difficult for many people to catch up. Despite this, there is an increased reliance on having the best technology available in terms of gaining a foothold over competitors in these often cut throat times. 

In 1999, Insung Enpla Co., Ltd. was founded on the concept of manufacturing specialized component materials for a variety of industrial needs including LED, plastic molds, and optic components. Over time, Insung has developed a reputation for supplying stable digital components assembled via a high tech production system in a precision assembling line, alongside an automatic clean room.

At Insung, the company is committed equally to research and development along with manufacturing. They have a variety of departments dedicated to precision amidst the highest technology including the mold department, molding department, optics department, LED department, and a sector dedicated to quality management that ensures that only the most rigorous standard of quality control are executed throughout each department. The standard established in these various forms of R&D have led Insung’s products to be used in a variety of large projects including the LED down light in Ansung City Hall, Incheon Metropolitan City Hall’s LED fluorescents lights, and more. Insung is not limited to the domestic market, as their products are often used in large global companies such as Mitsubishi in Japan, Auto Desk in the USA, and Sawmills in Switzerland, amongst others.

In 2008, Insung received the “Inno-Biz” title from the Small & Medium Business Corporation. This marked a stepping-stone for the company’s development and expansion. Insung also shows that they are committed as company to providing environmental solutions, developing an independent technique for the digital and green industry as we move forward into the 21stcentury. 

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INSUNG ENPLA Co., Ltd. has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.

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