Ensure the Proper Offloading of Goods with Dong Hae
Ensure the Proper Offloading of Goods with Dong Hae
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Seaports have long been a prominent feature of global society. As soon as the earliest people were traversing the globe in an attempt to widen global exchange, it became obvious that the benefits of sea travel could be reaped if the proper locations to load and unload goods were readily available.

These days seaports have become vital to international trade, with billions of dollars worth of goods shipped around the world on an annual basis. It is one thing to be able to package the goods and have them sent by ship. However, without the proper infrastructure in place, neither speedy categorizing nor smooth off-loading would be possible.In order to ensure that offloading is conducted properly, the right machinery must be in place. And all this process begins with Dong Hae.


In 1999, Dong Hae Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as a professional enterprise specializing in the field of manufacturing “grab” machines for loading and offloading in harbors. Through the incorporation with world class technical power, Dong Hae’s design techniques have shown substantial evolution since their inception, and are currently world class. As such, Dong Hae currently exports their products to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Norway and now, plans to integrate into emerging markets such as Africa and South-East Asia.With quality certification such as ISO 9001 backing them, this emergence should come as no surprise.

Dong Hae manufactures a wide array of “grab” buckets. These include the Self Hydraulic Grab Bucket, which is operated using self weight and hydraulic pressure. This machine can be operated from as far as 100m away via remote control and is designed to improve productivity and reduce the associated costs for operators. The Motor Hydraulic Grab Bucket utilized a hydraulic system driven by an electric motor. Also available are other products including Manual Grab Bucket, Motor Hydraulic Orange Grab, Engine Hydraulic Wood Grab, Bulk Hopper, and Boom Slacker amongst others.

For more information please visit http://www.east-sea.co.kr/en/index.html

Dong Hae Machinery Co., Ltd has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.

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