Unlimited Competition for Display Industry
Unlimited Competition for Display Industry
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DE&T "To innovate processes, equipment localization is essential" With such a focused goal, DE&T (CEO: Park Chang-hyun http://www.i-det.com) is a representative special company that has been carrying out core process equipment development based on strategic tie-ups with corporations possessing advanced technology differently from other companies. In a special interview with The Korea IT Times on the occasion of IMID/IDMC2006 which will be held toward the end of August, this year in Daegu, Korea, DE&T CEO Park Changhyun explained: "In the meanwhile, domestic equipment manufacturers have been doing production, developing equipment with priority given to inspection process as well as module/logistics process." He further said that the present display industry circles are entering an unlimited competition era such as equipment unit cost reduction, process number curtailment through similar process unity and competition companies' emergence accompanied by equipment industry nurturing. In conjunction with equipment localization efforts, the CEO explains: "To cope with such internal & external environments organically and proactively, DE&T has been actively participating in equipment localization project of module companies and localization of some core process equipment is paying off through tangible performance improvement." By supplying domestic module companies with localization about Cell Prober, Mac/Mic, and PDP Prober that depended on Japanese manufacturers in the past, DE&T is contributing to the competitiveness improvement of customer company plus being recognized in terms of technology power at the same time, according to Park. Park added that DE&T is exporting Stepper-related module developed in concert with oversea technology collaboration partner and is scheduled to expand the chief items of export gradually. In addition, it is said that DE&T supplies display-associated companies with Probe Unit, & Probe Card etc., the core part entering Prober the company delivers in great quantities, by localizing them. Regarding the present status of the most cuttingedge display technology development at home, Park stressed that DE&T is developing important factor technologies to provide Set companies with products fittable for their process needs in collaboration with advanced companies overseas or through industryuniversity- laboratory cooperation. In particular, DE&T's technology power is being widely recognized by delivering Mac/Mic inspection equipment the whole quantity by localizing it when Samsung Electronics invested LCD 7 & 8 G while acquiring KT authentification, a new product authentification, from MOCIE at the same time. Furthermore, Park mentioned that DE&T has delivered exclusively PDP Prober when Samsung SDI invested PDP 3 term by developing it with Samsung SDI, whose Tact Time is faster than a competing company H company and is scheduled to supply for 4 term Line as well. Moreover, by supplying indispensable inspection & repair equipment for AM-OLED process too in which mass-producing investment is under way for the first time at home, DE&T is entering an FPDrelated inspection, and specialized repair company, both nominally and virtually, Park said. On the top of that, it is said that the company is concentrating its efforts on securing prior technology as well such as InkJet technology, Lithography application technology, and Vision application technology through technology collaboration with advanced companies like NANOINK, AZORES, BASLER and so forth at the moment. On the basis of such developed technology, DE&T will be reborn as a representative FPD as well as semiconductor equipment manufacturer to be able to lead related business circles, Park concluded.

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