Dongmun Co., Ltd. makes great contribution to detecting any diseases in advance.
Dongmun Co., Ltd. makes great contribution to detecting any diseases in advance.
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There is one company which is spearheading Korea’s X-Ray machine manufacturing industry; Dongmun Co., Ltd. The company has positioned itself as one of Korea’s leading companies in the X-ray manufacturing field. Dongmun Co., Ltd. has been producing a wide range of innovative X-ray machines that make it more comfortable and easier to use such heavy and complicated X-ray products.

With its excellent designing and engineering capability in manufacturing high quality of X-ray machines, Dongmun Co., Ltd. has put out a wide range of brilliant X-ray products to both domestic and international markets, since the foundation in 1994. 

Portable X-Ray Units

Dongmun’s innovative product “Portable X-Ray Units” is a digital technology high frequency inverter type which provides the high efficiency in x-ray equipments. The product is designed for uses in large hospitals, private practices, dental clinics, bed-side diagnosis, emergencies and veterinary clinics. “Portable X-ray Units” feature reversible digital LED display, remote control hand switch, and compact & light weight design. 


Dongmun’s another main product C-arm has user-friendly design with high safety and stability. The product produces superior quality image with high resolution. It also performs as an inverter type high voltage generator that produces high power output with its easy installation and smooth movement.Those features are the things that set the company apart from other competitive firms.

Armed with its own technology and expertise it has long accumulated, Dongmun Co., Ltd. has been working hard to improve its products by constantly conducting research and development.

Its endless efforts lead to high level of satisfaction among its customers who have been with Dongmun for a long time. Dongmun’s aim is to make contribution to detecting and preventing any diseases in advance by providing the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices for the customers. Dongmun Co., Ltd. is your best partner who would never disappoint you.

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Dongmun Co., Ltd. has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.

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