R&D's Vital Role for Core Technology
R&D's Vital Role for Core Technology
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Gracel Display Gracel Display Inc. producing OLED material with world-leading light emission and radiance efficiency With IMID/IDMC 2006 as an impetus, the growth of Gracel Display Inc. (www.graceldisplay.com), which aims to become the world's best supplier of OLED (organic light emitting device) material, is being highlighted. In fact, Gracel Display Inc. (GDI) is considered to be one of the few companies that has succeeded in mass-production of material that is actually possible to commercialize. The company's CEO/president Park Young-shin who previously led the Internet Business Division at Dacom, said in an interview, "Our company already possesses OLED core material of the highest level in the world, but with an eye to competitive new material development in preparation for full-scale OLED panel manufacturing demand after 2~3 years, we are deploying 70 percent of the entire workforce of our company into research & development (R&D)." Among the total of 42, there are six Ph.Ds, 17 master degree holders, and 16 bachelor degree holders. He expressed confidence that he would help GDI grow into the best OLED material company in the world by securing the core technology of nextgeneration display, not to mention contributing to OLED material's localization. 70% is R&D manpower In radiance material, the two core traits are the lifetime problem on how long light of a certain amount is emitted, and radiance efficiency to show the degree which emits light. Park introduces that at present, GDI is reaching to the highest level in the world in the light of radiance efficiency as well as lifetime in the case of red color as well as green radiance material. It is said that in the case of blue color radiance material also, its development is being raised to the level which is possible to commercialize, according to Park. The CEO went on: "OLED radiance material can be divided into fluorescence material and phosphorescence material. Fluorescence material is being applied to small-sized PM model OLED panel. Since phosphorescence material holds better traits four times in comparison with fluorescence material, it is forecast to be applied to middle & large-sized AM OLED panel, but it is true that there are still tasks to be overcome, such as high price and low productivity." In that regard, by developing red color as well as green phosphorescence material of the highest quality in the world at the moment and by overcoming the point at issue of mass production stage, GDI has come to develop production processes to a level where it is possible to commercialize, according to Park. He further underscored that in preparation for AM OLED's full-scale commercialization in the future, GDI is planning to construct a mass production system for phosphorescence material. New momentum of OLED industry activation Gracel Display Inc. was established on Oct. 26, 2000 with an eye to localization of OLED core material as an OLED material development & manufacturing company. By concentrating on research and development in the meanwhile through superior research manpower of diverse specialty such as chemistry, physics and electronic engineering etc. since the early days of its establishment, GDI applied for a patent on scores of high-efficiency OLED core organic material including high efficiency RGB radiance material, Park noted. As national policy projects, GDI is taking part in 'Organic EL core parts technology development' and 'Non-Laser TFT based 4G notch AM-OLED Module development for HDTV'. Furthermore, GDI has been providing chief panel corporations in Korea and abroad with material for mass production in earnest since last year. Park pointed out that the fact that Gracel is supplying major panel corporations with material for mass production proves that the company is contributing to localization of OLED core material considerably. CEO Park, an IT field veteran having led the Internet Business Division at Dacom, took office as president of Gracel last March. When Park joined GDI, it may have been a big loss to information & telecommunication business circles. However, industry insiders observe that based on R&D performance Gracel has accumulated in the meantime, Park will add new momentum to OLED industry activation, not to mention an epoch-making development of the domestic parts material industry.

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