WeMade Entertainment Celebrates First Anniversary of Mobile Game Business
WeMade Entertainment Celebrates First Anniversary of Mobile Game Business
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SEOUL, KOREA - WeMade Entertainment, one of Korea's frontrunners in mobile game business, celebrated the first anniversary of its mobile game business. WeMade Entertainment launched into the mobile game business in April 2012 when it released Viking Island.

In just one year after launching into the mobile game business, WeMade Entertainment is now writing another success story as a multi-platform game company that covers the areas of PC and mobile games.


Based on its judgment that the smartphone fever that swept across the world will bring about a drastic change in the Korean game market, WeMade Entertainment embarked on the development of mobile games in 2009.


WeMade Entertainment focused on transplanting its ten years’ of accumulated online game development capabilities towards mobile, while restructuring itself to play a spearheading role in the coming smart age.


After launching into the mobile game area, WeMade Entertainment released 14 different kinds of mobile games, including its smash hit "Candy Pang for Kakao" and "Wind Runner for Kakao."

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