Award-Winning WeMade Entertainment Plans to Expand
Award-Winning WeMade Entertainment Plans to Expand
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WeMade Entertainment Online game giant to capitalize on success WeMade Entertainment Co. Ltd. has been winning high recognition in the global market for its excellent online games, Park Kwan-ho, CEO of the online game development company said. In particular, the game Legend of Mir 2 developed and serviced by WeMade has amazingly recorded 750,000 concurrent users and 200 million accumulated users in China since November 2001 when its service first started. WeMade is an online game developer and publisher established in February 2000, when the Korean on-line game industry was still at its infancy. The Legend of Mir 2 has also been gaining high popularity among users in Taiwan, Italy and North America, said Park. The Legend of Mir 2 is truly the pride of 2D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). Based on an enchanting oriental view of the world, it has opened up whole new possibilities in the online game industry where only north European myths and fantasies were prevailing. In the Legend of Mir, players can enjoy more than just killing and dying. In the game users can actively choose to cooperate, compete, ally and negotiate with other players in catching monsters and earning gold. The mind-blowing storyline of the game adds more thrills and excitement. In the world of Mir, players have to deal with various people and circumstances, experiencing joy, pain, frustration and all other emotions just like in the real world. In the course of exploring the world of Mir, users naturally realize desirable social values such as goodness and righteousness. Legend of Mir 3, the promising sequel to Mir 2, has recorded 400,000 concurrent users. It spread its own brand name as a legendary Korean online game in 2003. Since the Legend of Mir succeeded in gaining high popularity in China, Korean game makers are actively entering the Chinese market. This affects the Chinese online game market greatly, said Park. WeMade is also the industry leader in online game server and network technologies such as database design, database management, network design and optimization and information architecture. Their methods have been tested by millions of users. WeMade's servers are well known for stability, security and performance. Backed by a rich pool of highly experienced and talented developers, there are four new game titles that are planned to be released under the WeMade banner in the near future. They are Changchun Online, Chungin, Kailas and NED Online. In the meantime, WeMade plans to participate in the Game Show and Trade, All-Round (G Star 2006), which will be held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province on November 9 to 12. The slogan of G Star 2006 is "coming up, a super star in the global game market." WeMade has already secured 60 booths at G Star 2006 to publicize the four online games Changchun Online, Chungin, Kailas and NED Online. Game demonstrations will be possible for Changchun Online and Chungin and new video presentations will be made for Kailas and NED Online, he said. Through the international game show, WeMade plans to reveal new videos of the online games and provide users with a variety of game events that they are sure to enjoy, Park said. On the other hand, WeMade is planning to expand its company into other businesses such as mobile games, character business, publication, and digital services. WeMade is moving forward to the future, providing joy to people around the world and uniting them under a common purpose, online games. Commenting that the original purpose and meaning of online game is amusement, CEO Park said, "A game developer is the person to create amusement. My philosophy about a game is to produce an interesting game that users can enjoy with the game itself."

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