Job Creation Contribution Ratio of Public Firms Falls to 9.5%
Job Creation Contribution Ratio of Public Firms Falls to 9.5%
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SEOUL,KOREA - The share of jobs created by publicly listed firms has been on a downward trend, falling to a nadir of 9.5 percent last year. According to the Financial Supervisory Service's electronic disclosure system on May 19, the total number of workers employed in public companies was 1,432,489.
Of these, the number of workers in the Korea Exchange-listed companies was 1,188,623 and that of workers hired in KOSDAQ-registered firms was 243,866 as of the end of 2012. The figures were based on a survey on 1,727 public firms (730 Korea Exchange-listed ones and 997 KOSDAQ-registered ones).
In the case of the Korea Exchange, the employment number has surpassed the 1-million level for the first time in 2010, followed by almost 1.2 million in 2012. But this year the number has fallen slightly. The growth rate of the employment number in the Korea exchange-listed companies was as high as 9.4 percent in 2010, but it has declined to 7.0 percent in 2011 and 2.0 percent in 2012.

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