Greetings from the Minister
Greetings from the Minister
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Dear robot industry devotees and robot enthusiasts,

As the field of robotics has had revolutionary developments, it is not unfounded to claim that we are on the frontier of the revolutionary era for robots, and as such, it is a great honor to introduce you to the robot festival, Robot World 2007, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

According to World Robotics 2006 issued by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Korea ranked the 2nd in the world in terms of robot density, 3rd in new installations of industrial robots, and the 5th in the magnitude of the robot market, confirming the fact that the Korean robot industry is most definitely world-class.

The Korean government has designated the intelligent robot industry as the next-generation's growth industry engine, unfolding systematic support, and by the year 2013, has targeted raising our world's robot market share up to 15% in realization of being the leading nation for robot technology.

The second annual Robot World, which was zealously and attentively arranged by the Korean government and robot-related organizations, is a new structure for a world robot festival that concurrently holds various events such as robot contests, robot conferences and more.

With the eyes of the world press focused on Robot World 2007, we seek to promote the development of the Korean robot industry as well as to provide practical business opportunities to all robot enthusiasts from around the world. On top of this, we wish to convene a joyous robot festival in which all robot-related academic and industrial circles and robot lovers participate.

We sincerely invite and welcome all robot lovers around the world to Robot World 2007 in preparation of Robots, Together and Tomorrow.

Thank you!

Minister Kim Young-ju

The Ministry of Commerce,

Industry and Energy, Republic of Korea

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