Robot Ethics Charter - Cooperation between Humanity and Robotics
Robot Ethics Charter - Cooperation between Humanity and Robotics
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ARobot Ethics Charter is expected to be announced officially at the end of the year. This will be the first robot ethics charter which prescribes the relationship between human beings and robots. Robotics is rapidly becoming one of the leading fields of science and technology, so that very soon humanity is going to coexist with a totally new class of technological artifacts. It will be an event rich in ethical, social and economic problems.

To summarize robot ethics charter to be announced officially by the government, the introduction stresses the content that in the 21st century, as robots equipped with sensitivity and intelligence emerge, it will have a great social influence.

The future scenario includes five presumptions.

The first is continuous development of cooperation between human beings and robots. Secondly, People who are against robots, prohibiting robot manufacturing and development.

The third presumption is the emergence of a robot which is more excellent than a human being. The fouth presumption is that the super-human robot excludes or enslaves human beings. The fifth presumption is that robots coexist with humans by developing into a new human being, called Robo Sapiens.

In order to accomplish the most favorable scenarios, through which human beings and robots coexist, robot experts point out: "A new ethics system is necessary to regard robots as friends of human beings, companions and members of a community."

The text of this robot ethics charter is likely to describe the goal, joint principles of humanity and robots, human ethics, robot ethics, manufacturer ethics, user ethics, and expected commitments of all parties involved, according to the persons concerned who are involved in this robot ethics charter.

For example, the goal of this robot ethics charter emphasizes that it lies in confirming a human-centered ethics canon for the sake of coexistence of human beings and robots.

With regard to robot ethics, this text is prescribing that robots ought not to hurt a people, but be a friend, a companion and a servant who always obeys human beings. What's more, user ethics are outlined in the text of this robot ethics charter that robot users must respect robots as mankind's friend and prohibit illegal remodeling or robot misuse.

It is the first time in history that humanity is approaching the challenge of replicating an intelligent and autonomous entity. This compels the scientific community to examine the very concept of intelligence closely -- in humans, animals, artificial life -- from a cybernetic standpoint.

From this standpoint, it can be seen as natural and necessary that robotics draws on several other disciplines like Logic, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Physiology, Philosophy, Literature, Natural History, Anthropology, Art, and Design.

Robotics de facto unifies the so called two cultures, Science and Humanities. The effort to design Robo-Ethics should take care of this specificity. This means that experts shall view robotics as a whole -- in spite of the current early stage which recalls a melting pot -- so they can achieve the vision of robotics' future.

To sum up, Robo-Ethics is an applied ethics whose objective is to develop scientific, cultural, and technical tools that can be shared by different social groups and beliefs.

These tools aim to promote and encourage the development of Robotics for the advancement of human society and individuals, and to help prevent its misuse against mankind.

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