ICROS - Industry, Academic, Government Cooperation
ICROS - Industry, Academic, Government Cooperation
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The Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) acts as host to KRC 2007, to be held during Robot World 2007 this year. The academic meeting KRC 2007 is a comprehensive scientific meeting for intelligent robots where many prominent scholars are invited to deliver lectures, present papers, exchange and share information, and help each other to understand up-to-the-minute developments of robot technologies.

The international event Robot World 2007 is composed of three kinds of events: academic meetings, games, and exhibitions. Each event is independently performed, but each helps the whole to be a better comprehensive event. Visitors will find many advanced research results in the academic meeting, and a lot of robot lovers -- primary, middle, high-schooler students, and ordinary people -- will be able to participate in various sorts of games. The ICROS is to play the host to the academic meeting KRC 2007.

Recent trends of robot industry An intelligent or smart robot is an advanced robot compared with existing robots now in use. It generally means an up-to-date robot. Many existing robots are being used in manufacturing, mainly performing the same jobs repeatedly. But intelligent robots should be armed with new functions and capabilities to meet market demand. With the passage of time, the usage of robots are becoming wider and wider. Until now, robots are mainly used in medical and military fields, and for rescue and exploration. They are usually middle and large-sized.

But robots for family use are still in the beginning stage. Before long, however, various electronics, mechanics, and information technologies are to be applied to robots for family use, making them more convenient to use, and consequently becoming popular like an automobile and mobile phone. That is, in the near future it will become a personal robot for ordinary people. This situation will again speed up the development of robotics technologies, eventually creating a virtuous cycle.

In Korea many efforts are being made for the development of advanced robot technologies, but there is still some degree of a technological gap between Korea and developed countries such as the US and Japan. As is the case with semiconductors and mobile phones, which are mainstream industry of Korea, the robot industry has to try to obtain independent technology, and at the same time government support is also badly needed.

Academic activities of ICROS The main channels of research and presentations being used by ICROS are a journal and academic meeting. First, in the case of the journal, the following three journals are being used for research presentation: IJCAS, an English journal being published six times a year, Collected Papers, a Korean language monthly journal, and Control, Automation, System Journal, a quarterly.

Secondly, concerning the channel of an academic meeting, ICROS has two: ICCAS and CASS. Through these channels of journals and academic meetings, active discussions are being made, helping many people to understand recent trends of robot technologies, and consequently stimulating more active research.

For research encouragement, according to the regulations on rewards, various kinds of remuneration is being awarded for excellent research. About 30 people a year receive prizes for their research achievements. Let's take the example of ICCAS. About 30 countries are participating in this academic meeting, and until now 800 papers have been presented. One third of these papers are related to robot technologies. This academic meeting is no less than any other international academic meeting being held in Korea in terms of its scale and quality.

ICROS contributes to policy Academic and research circles usually focus on advanced technologies, but industrial circles are paying more attention to the practical applied technologies.

In the policy making process of the government, these two circles -- academic research circles and industrial circles -- have to mutually compliment each other. For this purpose, through diverse channels such as an industrial forum, international academic meeting, and workshop, the industry can cooperate with academic and government circles to exchange ideas and information, and make suggestions for policy. Also, ICROS introduces the excellent research results of foreign institutes to the domestic scene, spreading and making it available to related organizations. Moreover, if necessary, ICROS will help to publicize government policy.

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