KES - Developing to be in Top Five
KES - Developing to be in Top Five
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In the hope of Promoting Digital Korea to the world, Korea's representative electronics-related exhibition Korea Electronics Show (KES) took place on October 9 to 13, 2007.

Approximately 250 companies from 25 countries overseas including global electronics powers Japan, Taiwan, China, the US, England and Germany took part in this year's KES 2007. Touching upon a distinguishing mark of KES 2007 as an internationalized concept, CEO & president Lee Gamyeol, Korea Electronics Association ( said: "KES is expected to gain business talk outcome worth US$2.5 billion, during which approximately 6,000 buyers from abroad will visit KINTEX."

In conjunction with the necessity of large-sized Top Brand electronics/IT special exhibition, Lee explains that in the case of oversea competing countries, each country holds world Top Brand electronics/IT special exhibitions such as CES in the US, IFA in Germany, CeBIT in Germany, CEATEC in Japan, and KHEF in Hong Kong respectively."

The CEO pointed out: "For the sake of securing competitiveness as a worldwide exhibition, it is urgent to drive forward one large-sized and internationalized exhibition by integrating existing scattered representative electronics and IT exhibitions at home."

Domestic exhibitions that are inferior in strength in terms of participating companies, floor space and the relative importance of buyers in comparison with worldwide top exhibitions and Asia competing exhibitions, according to Lee.

KES is will some day be on par with other Asian electronics exhibitions starting next year. Then, KES 2008 to be held on October 14 to 18, 2008 at KINTEX is expected to draw a total of 1,000 participating companies from 2,500 booths on a floor space of 53,000 square meters, according to Lee.

Providing such a large-sized and internationalized integration exhibition comes to be taken place, Lee forecasted: "It will be possible for KES 2008 to attract a total of 350 global electronicsassociated corporations like Microsoft, Siemens, Panasonic, Toshiba, Kyocera and more in addition to 4,000 oversea buyers."

By 2010, Korea Electronics Association plans to become one of World Top 5 electronics special exhibitions which by integrating KES, iSEDEX, IMID, SmartHome Network Show, RobotWorld, and Nano and E-biz Expo, according to the president.

Noteworthy exhibitions Noteworthy exhibition items and fields from participating companies are as follows:

First, digital media products which lead world market will showcase HD 1080 (pixel) Full HD TV, Full HD home theaters, Dual Format DVD Players, Touch Screen Mode Moving Image MP3 player, and HD Camcorder and digital cameras.

Secondly, cutting-edge IT products which pave the way for the future digital world includes super slim, high powered, HD cellular phones, ultra mobile PC, super slim, high powered notebook PCs, the first VoIP Monitor in the world and HD super large size LCD monitor and super slim laser printers. Thirdly, high value-added new development excellent electronics parts display 1.8inch 64 gigabite Solid State Drive (SSD), and more.

Regarding noteworthy content and trend to be presented through KES 2007, Lee pointed out Digital Convergence trends and electronics industry direction in the years to come by keynote speech, competitiveness strengthening information for SMEs such as environment, patent and digital technology through international technology seminars and conferences, and inroad connection with new emerging market such as China, Vietnam and Russia through trade shows or purchase policy fairs.

Regarding Korean electronics and IT industry's standing among the world, Lee introduces that Korea's electronics industry production scale holds the fourth rank globally following China, the US, and Japan, accounting for 7.8% of the entire world production with US$117.4 billion as of 2006.

Korea's electronics industry export posted US$100 billion mark for two consecutive years in 2006 since it has accomplished US$100 billion export for the first time in 2005 for a simple domestic industry.

Despite of such outward brilliant achievements, Korea's electronics industry shows a gap with advanced countries in terms of the source technology, according to Lee.

As of 2005, chief items' localization rate for Korea electronics industry is low as are seen in semiconductors at 46%, cellular phones at 65%, and LCD panels at 66%. It is said that the core source technology for us is no more than 76.7% in comparison with the highest level in the world and the absolute scale also of total R&D expense is no more than one thirteenth of the US, one sixth of Japan, and one third of Germany.

SMEs' innovation capacity also is fragile, Lee pointed out, adding that the relative importance of SMEs' R&D investment has declined from 28% in 2002 to 21.1% in 2005.

As a way to boost the future competitiveness, CEO Lee emphasized that digital convergence on new industry groundwork has to be expanded as a next-generation growth engine plus securing convergence technology global technology leadership and expanding convergence technology manpower nurturing groundwork.

Further, he said that KEA commits itself to beef up support so that Korea- US FTA can be utilized as a momentum to upgrade industry structure.

Last but not least, he said that nextgeneration growth engine's early industrialization propulsion, groundwork formation for traditional industry high value-add, and strengthening confrontation capacity against patent dispute or environment regulation too will be able to be served as a boost for future competitiveness for Korea's electronics industry.

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