Matured Industry Showcase
Matured Industry Showcase
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The International Semiconductor and Display Exhibition 2007, or i- SEDEX, was held on September 18 to 20 in the COEX convention center in Seoul. The exhibition was held in Pacific Hall, taking up all 10,368 square meters, and was hosted jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the huge Pacific Hall the entire exhibition seemed anchored by the back row of booths, on which the traditional names of Korean semiconductor manufacture were lit up. Hynix, Samsung, and LG stood out in bright neon. Also, less well known names such as Fairchild Semiconductor and Siltron had rather impressive booths too.

It was easy to see the evidence of a mature, world-renowned industry in the exhibition. The number of companies who attended from all aspects of the semiconductor industry was quite surprising. Not only were the big chip manufacturing names in attendance, but also hundreds of companies from all aspects of the semiconductor industry. Companies that assembled clean rooms were well represented, as were also the companies that built the equipment that kept the clean rooms clean. There were companies that made the gloves that the technicians wore while in the clean rooms, and companies that made the movable tables at which they worked. A comprehensive industry was laid out in perfect array.

The Samsung booth included displays detailing all the various uses of semiconductors in their product line. They showcased both the latest in their cd rom drives and hard drives. They also displayed their total imaging chip solution for cellular phones. Finally, they underscored their OneNAND, OneDRAM, and Flex- OneNAND flash memory. Unfortunately, there were no new products on display. When asked about this, a Samsung official said that new products would be revealed next month.

Hynix Semiconductor, in its booth, focused on the many different kinds of memory that it produced. It had full displays on its latest server, notebook, and desktop memory sticks. Unfortunately, it was also exhibiting existing products. The LG booth had a different style, including many of their display products and hardware for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. Specifically, they focused on their LGMM 1102 chipset, which is a System on Chip setup for digital multimedia broadcasting applications. This supports terrestrial DMB receiving and decoding simultaneously. The small design could be included in LG made cellular phone handsets. LG also showed off its latest in PDP television displays.

Equipment and parts manufacturer Sigma Koki had a rather large booth at the exhibition as well. The company is based in Japan and produces Opto-Mechanics, which are used in the development of laser optics technologies. They were demonstrating their applied laser systems for research, development, and industrial applications.

Dongbu HiTek Co Ltd. was also on the show floor, billing their product line as Innovations for the Ubiquitous Life. The company focuses on foundry services for fables semiconductor businesses. They are one of the leading wafer processors in the field of semiconductors. Although the company is less than one year old, the name might seem familiar, and that is because it was created by the merger of Dongbu Hannong Chemicals with Dongbu Electronics.

In the semiconductor industry automation is the key to reliable results. And FAMate is the company to turn to in order to get the software to run automation effectively.

The company claims to be the only software automation solution in the entire semiconductor industry. They were on hand to show their software's capabilities, which are quite impressive. Their yield management system, called DACrux, handles inline data analysis, defect data image analysis, PCM parameter analysis, probe map analysis, fail searching, and statistical analysis. With these tools any company is guaranteed to increase the yields of their semiconductor factory.

This exhibition was remarkably thorough and full of detail. It is an exhibition that would serve as a good example for other fields' younger shows.

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