Software Quality Increase Plan
Software Quality Increase Plan
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By Chun Go-eun

The Ministry of Information and Communication established a Software Quality Increase Plan on September 27, 2007 to increase the quality of Korean software to be competitive in the global market. The key points of this plan include securing both software process quality and software product quality. The software process quality plan is to certify the software from design to maintenance. The software product quality plan is set to secure the function and performance of developed software.

The Software Process Quality Certification Policy will begin in 2008. Moreover, part of the labor cost will be supported for quality control personnel for some process authentication acquired companies. The government sought that this will internalize the developing groups' process. Software education programs will involve consulting to upgrade company process control skills. This plan is expected to raise the Capability Maturity Model Integration level from 2.94 to 3.1 by 2010.

The GS Certification Policy will be upgraded to ensure software product quality. Until now, infinite retests were allowed when applying for GS certification. But the government will limit the trial to three times so that superior software products won't have to wait in line. Reapplication to the GS Certification procedure will require companies to turn in relative documents that prove that further exercises were done to improve the system. Lastly, the testing time will be reduced by using the company's test results as a reference.

These plans to increase software quality will ensure that Korean software can compete in international markets and ultimately contribute to strengthen the Korean software industry and the Korean economy as a whole.

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