Breakfast at Tiffany’s II
Breakfast at Tiffany’s II
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Tiffany used her mobile phone to set her bedroom window to be open at 8:00 in the morning.

Then she thought, "I should set the curtains to be furled at the same time the window opens, so I could open my eyes in the morning to sun beams through the fresh air." She didn't even go to bed yet, but is already excited to wake up in the morning to feel the autumn breeze while still in bed. Tiffany can't go anywhere without her cell phone. Cell phone has become a big part of her life because her cell phone is the key to fast access life in U-city. Let's begin with a text message she just have received from her company.

Tiffany gets a multi-mail first thing in the morning from her office. Today she has received ten sketches of layouts to the new buildings her clients have requested.

If she logs onto her office by pressing okay button to each sketch she can gain access to the information regarding the project. She reminds herself of the deadlines and checks what has been accomplished so far in each project. Tiffany is planning to show up to the office late in the afternoon so she goes through each sketch and presses the okay button on Guidance menu on the tool bar. She then presses button to select step 2 on most of the sketches, the resketch key on third, and step 4 on the fifth sketch for her employees to take a look at in the morning to begin working before she gets to the office.

Now Step 1, drawing sketch, is through on process, step 2, contacting the client needs to be done on most sketches. Once Tiffany's employees contact the clients and ask for their approval of the sketch, the comments of clients and further requests will be posted on the software, which Tiffany will access via phone throughout the day to give further instruction.

Then she selects meeting and presses 5. She will have a meeting with her employees at five in the evening as she just has posted on the software. When Tiffany was about to put her phone down, another text message beeps. "Electricity bill US$9. Press Okay button to pay now." Tiffany deliberately presses the okay button and the electricity bill is automatically taken out of her bank account within a few seconds based on saved data.

Suddenly, a bell rings. It's Anna, sixteen- year-old girl from the next door. Since she is the town resident, no siren goes off, but the identification data still shows on her kitchen screen. By looking at Anna holding a cell phone on the screen, Tiffany grins and walks out the door with her cell phone as well. "Chocolate, Chocolate," Anna chants making funny voice.

"What's it for" Tiffany asks. "It's for my hockey team. I am a team manager there, you know," Anna smiled. Tiffany connects to Anna's cell phone to see the list of chocolate bars. Tiffany selects five of them for Anna. The smart card in her cell phone functions as a check card and pays for it. Anna automatically receives the receipt on her cell phone to show her school as well. Anna takes out five chocolate bars Tiffany just have chosen out of her backpack and hands them over to Tiffany.

Tiffany finally finishes getting ready and drives off her driveway. She realizes she is low on gas. She stops at the gas station to fill up. When her gas tank is filled up, she rolls down the driver side's window and puts her cell phone on the Smart Pay stand. With a short beep sound, she just paid for the gas. Text message beeps to show how much was just processed off her credit card. When she presses okay button, she sees the owner's comment, price per gallon of the day, the type and amount of gas filled in her car, total payment of the gas she just paid, and the electric coupon for car wash.

Tiffany might as well decide to take the service and drives in to car washing lot. She puts her phone to the Smart Pay device again and it reads the electronic coupon she just has received. Soon, Tiffany's car is being washed by the automatic car-wash system. All she has to do is to put her car in neutral, sit peacefully in her car surfing through DMB channels on her GPS and wait until the machine washes and dries her car. Before Tiffany pulls out her car, she decides to find a brunch place in the closest area. She uses her cell phone again to search for a brunch place. Then Tiffany drives off the gas station to reach the next destination, Waffle House.

It's been a while since Tiffany had brunch in the Waffle House. She used to eat breakfast very late at night when she was in middle school because she got starved by staying up so late to study for a test. But Waffle House has changed a lot since then. She pulls into the parking lot, and puts her cell phone on the screen stand in the parking lot so that it will be easier to find her car once she comes out. As she walks into the parking lot, she connects her cell phone to Waffle House by beaming her phone at its neon sign. She selects a sunnyside- up fried egg, sausage, and hash browns.

By the time she walks into the restaurant, the order is already made and paid for. She sits down on the table and looks down on the screen to find something to read. She uses her fingertip to use the touchpad screen, and touches on the button calorie list. She finds the food she has chosen to see how much calorie her meal would be. Soon enough, the food is out, and she orders coffee to take out on the screen. Text message is sent to her saying, "You have selected Vanilla Americano at Waffle House in Springfield. Press Okay button if you want to pay US$5.25 now." She presses the okay button and enjoys her brunch. Tiffany takes out a cup of Vanilla Americano and puts her phone in the main screen stand as soon as she walks out the door. The screen shows her the map of the parking lot and her car in color. Tiffany then walks to reach her car.

This is only a little part of what the embedded Smart Card in her cell phone could contribute in Tiffany's life. Tiffany also has Smart Card as a Credit Card figure, but it is just more convenient for her to carry her cell phone around than taking the card out of her wallet each time. She has left her umbrella in many places, losing tons of them, but she has never lost or left her cell phone at anywhere, knowing how lost she would feel without a cell phone. The life without her cell phone is unimaginable for her. Tiffany's mother, Mrs. Scares, buys brand new clothes for her puppies every month, while Tiffany buys a new case cover for her cell phones.

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