Changes on Mobile Phone Number, Payment Issues
Changes on Mobile Phone Number, Payment Issues
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by Chun Go-eun

Minister of Information and Communication Yoo Young-hwan said on September 10 at the MIC resident reporter gathering session: "In the long term, LG Telecom's Revision A service should follow the government's 010 unification policy. Minister Yoo continued: "The 010 unification policy was induced for next generation business runners. The 010 unification may strike some difficulties in the short term, but it will soon be commercialized in the long run."

The 010 unification policy is the policy that unifies the first three digits of mobile phone numbers to be 010 instead of previous prefixes like 011, 016, and 019. The MIC first suggested the policy in 2004 to simplify complicated numbers and discourage the monopolization of numbers.

LG Telecom has been asserting that their 3G service users should be allowed to keep numbers like 019 or 01X. Here Minister Yoo stated: "We are not asking to give up the 01X policy. 011, 01, 019, 017 will all be allowed to be used until the actual unification is enforced. The reason we asked LGT to use 010 is because if they break the 010 unification policy, it will affect the balance of the market in the long run," Minister Yoo explained. "Especially, Dual Number Service has been allowing customers to maintain use of their old numbers while the 010 number is used at the same time. For example, if you dial up an old friend that signed up for dual numbers, you can dial the number you know and still contact your friend. Then you will get a text message saying 'the number you just dialed can be also reached at 010 – XXX- XXXX'".

Minister Yoo also spoke about discounts in mobile phone payment plans. "We are planning to give privileges to minors, elderly, and the disabled regardless of market." He further asserted that the government will not interfere with companies' attempts to lower payments in order to protect against next generation companies. The government now will provide an environment where active competition can lower prices. The government has been rejecting the proposal of discount systems within the same phone company users to protect next generation businessman. At the same time, the USIM Lock system will also be abolished.

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