Global IP Solutions - High-quality Real-time Communications
Global IP Solutions - High-quality Real-time Communications
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Global IP Solutions (GIPS), formerly Global IP Sound (GIPS), is a Swedish company founded in 1999. Within ten years, GIPS managed to develop industry leading embedded media processing solutions and complete applications for real-time communications on packet networks. "We are the ones that do all of the quality voice for voice over IP and as the company progressed technologically as well as within the market, we became more of a solutions company so we changed the company name to Global IP Solutions, meaning that we provide IP internet protocol technology for people who want to do the real time communication," President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Hermansen began by introducing a brief history of the company. Pausing and buzzing noises in the real time communication over the phone seems to go a while back.

From a personal interview with President Hermansen, the Korea IT Times could get responses to the questions regarding to Korea and the direction of VoIP solutions in contribution to Korea IT. "Real time communication," President Hermansen continued, "is an ability to have a buffer that allows a high quality interactive communication." Some times people see in new world of video, for example, any of voice to adding videos like Utube and IPTV are real time communications. But "Those are only relative to real time communication. In every communication, there is a large buffer that gets stored before it is displayed to you. It is just like how you and I are talking face to face right now. You may even interrupt me in the middle of the sentence as the communication is real. So Real Time Communication is voice and video real time over IP, and we have technology to remove all of those layers to make interactive communication over IP."

Core products and solutions of the corporation

GIPS' voice solutions for the Enterprise markets provide high-quality enterprise level VoIP functionality with security at all levels of the network architecture. GIPS' solutions are divided into application solutions, media engines and components to support all the different customer types that are planning to deploy high quality realtime communication products or services.

Today, GIPS' patented and award-winning solutions are deployed and used by all the leading IP communication providers and set the most recent quality expectation for all the new telecommunication Worldwide. Technology leaders throughout the world like YAHOO, Earthlink, Skype, Samsung, AOL, Logitech, ORACLE, SK Telecomunications, are GIPS's ISP Customers. Those are only to name a few.

GIPS Media Engines consists of a wide range of embedded software solutions for building media into soft clients, IP mobile phones, ATA/GW, chip and media servers. Their simple solution addresses the most complex voice and video-related issues solving quality problems regardless of platform, equipment or type of network. GIPS Media Engines provide accelerated time-to-market and reduced development costs.

Developers and manufacturers are able to rapidly deploy voice and videoenabled products without having to solve for the complex issues that effect voice by quality leveraging Global IP Solutions' patented solutions and expertise.

GIPS Media Engines also provide simplified integration of sound-processing software with all the necessary interfaces and components to implement voice and video over IP. It allows developers to focus on core competencies and product development rather than the complex integration and tuning of sound processing software. Lastly, GIPS provides comprehensive, best-ofbreed solutions for use in products at all levels of the network architecture. "Currently, we are promoting the solution that suppresses noise," continued President Hermansen, "signal processing recognizes the beginning and end part of the noises and kills the background noise to only leave the flat voice." This will be the perfect solution for Koreans because majority populations in Korea use the public transportations like subways and buses and quite often disturbed by the noises the transportations make as they talk on the phone.

Other special solutions of GIPS are Click-to-Talk (CTT), Remote Extension, and Interoffice Voice Tracking. "Our Click-to-Talk (CTT) product provides the opportunity for website visitors to click a button and be immediately connected to the resource they need by providing web users the ability to communicate directly through their PC to an Enterprise," President Hermansen introduced. According to him, the solution has been widely practiced in Sweden. CTT is expected to strengthen loyalty of customers and to enhance satisfaction of customers, while remaining cost-effective for Enterprises.

Korea is on a progress to adapt the solution. With an ever growing need for simultaneous portability and connectivity, Remote Extension allows telecommuters and road warriors to maintain presence to their corporate IP-PBX system, while enabling service providers to deploy a full-featured, customizable softphone. The enterprise user's PC becomes their PBX extension, with all the functionality of their desktop phone and without the need to establish a VPN connection. Remote Extension's softphone features also give service providers the perfect opportunity to offer a world-class PC-based communication tool. GIPS Remote Extension brings secure, high-quality VoIP-based communication with Enterprise level functionality over broadband, wireless and even dial-up connections.

Lastly, enterprises no longer need to absorb the high cost of PSTN toll charges or the monthly expense of maintaining a wide area network (WAN) connection between offices with Interoffice Voice Tracking solution. Callers can use their existing TDMbased telephone system or IP based systems to call other sites within their enterprise without incurring long distance phone charges or expensive WAN or managed network charges.

What kind of business progress has been made with Korea

"Global IP Solutions have been growing in Asian countries. We have three offices in Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Korea. We have great expectation in Korean market, in particular for numerous reasons. Korea has numerous positive factors and some of them has to do with technological leadership, 100% broadband penetration, and quantity of people," President Hermansen shared one of his business philosophy in Asian countries. "I think we have to come to Asia to market technology because there are just too many opportunities. Norway, for example, has 100 percent penetration as well, but there are only 4 million people in the country. Korean market is so full of opportunities, we just can't miss it and put one or two staffs in the Korean office and expect them to figure out on their own." President Hermansen has been pilfered by investors for many years to bring GIPS' technology to Korea and other Asian countries. Top leading IT companies like Samsung, LG, and SK have been highly active world wide for real time voice communications and real time IP communications and GIPS has recently made collaborations with those companies.

Some of the newest press release shows the GIPS' active collaboration with the country's top leading IT companies.

SK Communications

SK Communications, one of Korea's foremost Internet communications innovators, is harnessing the power of Global IP Solutions' (GIPS) VoiceEngine PC Advanced embedded voice-processing solution to improve the quality of its NateOn instant messaging (IM) services. "As the leading provider of embedded media processing solutions, GIPS was able to help us deliver high quality multimedia communications to our users, improving their online experience. We are planning to further incorporate GIPS media processing technology into some of our new products," said Mr. Lee.

Part of the SK Group of companies, SK Communications' provides a wide spectrum of innovative services to the online consumer in Korea and has made successful entries into China, Japan and the US.

SK Communications pioneered the development of applications, services and other technologies for the Internet in Korea. "In March 2005, NateOn was named the top messenger service in Korea," said Mr. Jaeha Lee, Director of Messenger Business Division of SK Communications. "Since then we have continued to invest in advanced technology, like GIPS VoiceEngine PC Advanced, to ensure that NateOn remains Korea's most sophisticated IM service."

GIPS Voice Engine PC Advanced is being used in voice processing tasks to ensure that NateOn service can deliver excellent voice quality under diverse network conditions. By using GIPS' Voice Engine PC Advanced solution, real-time voice quality has dramatically improved. Further, the field-proven solutions from GIPS have improved time-to-market, as development times were significantly shortened. "SK Communications is one of the major Internet portals and the largest providers of messenger services in Korea," said Gary Hermansen, President and CEO of Global IP Solutions. "It is also becoming globally recognized as one of Asia's 'hot-technology' prospects and in recent years won a 'Business Innovation Award' from Wharton School in the US and has been named as one of 'Asia-Pacific Technology's Fast 500'. By partnering with SK Communications GIPS is once again demonstrating its capabilities in this fast-paced and technologically advanced market."

GIPS VoiceEngine family provides comprehensive voice processing solutions that is specifically designed to enable superior sound quality for realtime voice communication over packet networks. GIPS VoiceEngine handles all of the necessary voice processing functions for VoIP, providing superior quality even under adverse network conditions. VoiceEngine supports existing standards, and offers improved voice quality through the unique configuration of its components and by improved handling of the hardware.

Features include software plug-in with high-level API, real-time performance, well-proven high quality solution, complex speech enhancements, including echo cancellation and wideband technology, and multi-party calling with adhoc conferencing capabilities up to 4 participants.

"With the vast range of services that we offer and the phenomenal increase in the volume of online customers, it is vital that we provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction," continued Mr. Lee of SK Communications. "One area where we have real competitive advantage is in the quality of the online interactive experience delivered to our users."


Global IP Solutions (GIPS) VoiceEngine PC Advanced and VoiceEngine Mobile softphone applications have been selected by LG-Nortel in Korea to power its new UCS (Unified Communication Solution) and Phontage PDA and desktop PC telephony offerings in July this year. LG-Nortel is a joint venture of LG Electronics and Nortel.

GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile will provide users of LG Nortel's Phontage PDA with an on-the-move extension of their office phone system that works in the office or in the field using a built-in wireless LAN interface. The Phontage PDA includes GIPS' iLBC and wideband codec support.

A reliable and cost effective communications tool for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), Phontage turns the PDA or desktop PC into a complete IP terminal, and incorporates both a softphone and videophone. It also enables multimedia collaboration based on real-time presence information and enables SMBs to cost-effectively manage their messaging and application server. Sophisticated call handling such as call recording, individual voice mail and other essential features are just a few clicks away.

"The latest Phontage packages from LG-Nortel combine innovative, flexible architecture with the latest in VoIP technology," said John Fargis, General Manager of GIPS Asia Pacific. "Voice quality is critical to the user experience and ultimately critical to the ongoing adoption of Voice over IP.

Our VoiceEngine™ PC Advanced and VoiceEngine Mobile solutions will give LGNortel customers a high-quality VoIP solution to help its innovative Phontage offerings stand out from the competition." "After several years developing VoIP solutions, we have seen that user-friendly interfaces and high voice quality makes users more likely to adopt VoIP," said Jong Dae An, Vice President of Enterprise Sales division, LG-Nortel. "We believe Phontage provides an advanced VoIP solution that will help make it successful in both enterprise and individual marketplaces. GIPS' strong reputation in the VoIP industry will reassure users that our new products incorporate the latest innovations in VoIP technology."

GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile is optimized for mobile handheld device platforms, delivering complex speech enhancements including echo cancellation and noise suppression. This patented and award-winning technology is especially suited to solve the inherent problems associated with wireless networks, boosting the quality of LGNortel mobile VoIP solutions.

President Hermensen concluded, "Korea and GIPS's collaboration can bring so much to the technology market especially in the VoIP field. We are so excited to see the outcome of every efforts and investments we have been putting in Asian market."

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