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With its theme, "Experience Future Technology, Today!" the 6th Incheon Information Technology Communication (ITC 2007) shows off Incheon's IT industry technology power to the whole world. The tape will be cut on the event on September 14th under the joint auspices of Incheon Metropolitan City and the MIC and under the supervision of the Incheon IT Promotion Agency (IITPA).

This year's three day long ITC 2007 is scheduled to showcase Incheon IT companies features most satisfactorily which repeats growth year after year. This year's ITC 2007 aims to forge business ground through which business to business relationships and business to customer relationships both are substantially increased following last year. The IITPA is preparing international business events so that a number of Incheon IT companies can accomplish contracts and business talk outcomes through this ITC 2007.

IITPA officials responsible for ITC 2007 said: "During its exhibition period, influential buyers over 40 companies from 8 countries such as Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia recommended from ASEAN Telecommunication Committee, will take part in this exhibition and hold Global IT Export Business Meeting at the Incheon Royal Hotel on September 15."

What's more, to support overseas market pioneering for Incheon area IT companies and detailed consultation about their technology power and overseas marketability assessments it is said that 11 IT institutes from China, Japan, Singapore and two other countries will hold one to one business talks with each company through overseas market inroads strategy business talks, according to them.

Since new, next generation project fields such as screen mobile telecommunications, smart home technology, intelligent robots will be displayed in large numbers, ITC exhibition is garnering much interest from domestic IT business circles to say nothing of consolidating its location as an international IT exhibition, they said.

The ITC 2007 exhibition will create a reputation about its location as an international exhibition in the years to come through the participation of overseas IT-related purchase buyers from over 40 companies and specialized IT institutes, let alone a ground of international business and export business talk.

Moreover through this exhibition publicity, marketing, and business exchange ground will be unfolded to boost promising IT company brand awareness degree in the Incheon area. The 2007 Incheon IT Technology Award will also be conferred on companies that develop excellent new technology.

The Award will be presented at 11:30 am on September 14 alongside of the opening ceremony, and will serve as a place which inspires Incheon IT entrepreneurs with volition to be able to grow even further, IITPA officials said. Other noteworthy publicity pavilions are the 2009 Incheon World City Expo publicity pavilion and the Incheon Robot Land publicity pavilion.

The 2009 Incheon World City Expo publicity pavilion is designed to present Incheon's future vision and show a possibility as an international city that represents Korea.

Based on unlimited development possibilities which attracted the 2014 Summer Asian Games, Incheon comes to hold the 2009 Incheon World City Expo from August to October 2009 in which a number of cities and companies at home and abroad will take part.

Secondly, the Incheon Robot Land publicity pavilion contains Incheon's will to become the best optimal place for domestic Robot Land since Incheon Robot Land will be forged in the midst of Incheon Free Economic Zone as the best and the largest robot theme park.

ITC 2007's special features

This ITC 2007 exhibition provides Incheon area IT companies eager to make inroads into the Asian market with up to date information and at the same time strategic business talk such as on-the-spot marketability assessments of company products and necessary information when making inroads as 11 specialized IT institutes in China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore will take part in it.

These institutes act as intermediaries about local circumstances by items and cooperation-possible companies for Incheon area IT companies through overseas pavilion consultation corner prepared within the ITC 2007 exhibition venue.

First off from the Korea ICT International Cooperation Agency (KIICA) in Tokyo, KIICA Shanghai, and KIICA Singapore, KIICA staff under the umbrella of the MIC come to have business talks with IT companies hoping to export to each country. From China's Qingdao region, Qingdao Software Park's in-service staff take counsel with domestic SW companies which are eager to make inroads into the Qingdao area.

From Vietnam and Malaysia, special marketing department chiefs of the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) and Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (PIKOM) precede consultation by participating firsthand.

Besides, IT export-related companies and institutes from Vietnam such as The eK Informatics Company, Viet Software International, IWICOM, and associated institutes from China like China Software Information Tech and Qingdao Science and Tech Bureau are scheduled to provide on-the-spot information.

IITPA officials said: "Incheon area companies will be able to easily get live information of their interest region through these overseas associations and institutes,." They added that ITrelated companies, which consist of small and medium companies for the most part, suffer from the difficulties of getting current overseas information. They added that in the case of IT companies whose overseas inroad possibility is high, IITPA supports concrete connections with local companies and inroads way alongside of a business talk.

By inviting influential buyers from over 40 companies and eight countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, IITPA is scheduled to allow them to visit promising IT company booths and introducing excellent technology power of Incheon IT industry and holding Global IT export business talk.

It is said that these overseas buyers comprised of IT field influential buyers from 40 companies of 8 overseas countries, are greatly interested in solutions and SI business field which can be connected with IT, electronics field and state operated projects.

IITPA expects that Global IT export business talk which is held as an incidental event of ITC 2007 exhibition, will be able to draw business talk outcome over US$ 20 million.

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