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"Incheon ITC has been reborn now as an international exhibition both nominally and virtually." CEO Eugene Jun, Incheon IT Promotion Agency, states even more prideful mind like this with relation to this year's ITC exhibition whose scale grew even in comparison with last year.

Despite of its merely 6th anniversary, ITC's participating companies and scale keep growing conspicuously every year, he said. Following last year, this year among others is scheduled to prepare an international business ground by inviting influential buyers over 40 companies from 8 countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia recommended from ASEAN Telecommunication Committee and a total of 14 persons from 11 IT special institutes of Southeast Asia 5 countries, according to him.

He committed himself that the IITPA will allow ITC to be taken root as an international regional IT special exhibition by outgrowing a small scale exhibition limited to Incheon one area and based on this at the same time, plans to nurture Incheon area as Asia's IT hub.

"Already Incheon is going forward step by step toward a hub city in Northeast Asia centering around its free economic zone," Jun judged. Through Incheon airport's second stage construction project, Incheon new port's construction and the rear international logistics complex formation, Incheon is constructing the best level's logistics system in the world and further is transforming into the most cutting-edge international city in which world level's medical treatment, education, culture service are provided as centering around free economic zone, cutting- edge industries like IT, BT and R&D, finance, tourism and related business are connected organically, he added.

As everybody knows, what's more international affairs complex, Incheon grand bridge which connects Incheon airport and Songdo international city, TWIN Tower of 151 floors to serve as a worldwide symbol, Songdo convention construction, ESCAP APCICT, an UN organization for the first time for our country which trains IT experts of Asia each nations and many inducement projects such as Yonsei University internationalization campus, foreign hospital and new drug industry are under way.

Jun explains: "Within Cheongra area, GM Daewoo's motor R&D and within Youngjong area, Unbuk general leisure complex project are under way respectively and based on such Incheon's unlimited development possibility, 2009 Incheon World City Expo will be held from August to October 2009." ] The CEO stressed that the 6th ITC 2007 Incheon IT exhibition will become a ground to actualize Incheon's vision, to feel Incheon area IT industry's development feature together and furthermore a significant place to be able to design dynamic Incheon's future and vision. "In a nutshell, ITC 2007 exhibition is a ground of festival in which new technology developed with sweat and passion of IT entrepreneurs is displayed and the general public may experience the future's IT technology so that a prepared international city Incheon may serve as the future of the Republic of Korea.", Jun epitomized.

Together, he advises that the ITC 2007 exhibition is a beneficial space for participating companies to gain big outcomes and for the citizens to be able to experience cutting-edge telecommunication technology.

He sincerely hoped that through this ITC 2007 exhibition, Both participating companies or the citizens all would meet a hope city Incheon's feature which is changing dynamically.

Last but not least, as to why Robot Land must locate in Incheon, the ceo explains: "The first condition for Robot Land must become a self-sustaining theme park and it must be not a causal complex of worry to need continuously governmental financial input.

"In that respect, Incheon is equipped with the optimal location condition for the sake of building a worldwide theme park," he maintained. It is possible to develop as a compulsory visit course for an annual 6.05 million foreigner visitors and as the best tourism product in Asia, he explains. For reference, all globally successful theme parks are located within one hour from international airports and since Incheon Robot Land will be 30km away from the downtown area in Seoul, 23 million dwellers in the metropolitan area can have access to it easily through Kyungin Highway or international airport highway, Jun added.

With regard to Incheon Robot Land's cutting-edge to be differentiated from other local autonomous entities, CEO Jun said that Incheon Robot Land plans to emboss new robot culture's symbolism by building a symbol tower to serve as Robot Land's landmark like Cinderella's castle, the symbol of Disneyland in the United States.

Thirdly, Jun notes that an organic network between Robot Land and surrounding infrastructure is possible since all sorts of R&D, industrial and affairs complex plan to move in Chungra complex alongside of hotel, golf course and tourism leisure facilities and furthermore it is located in the Incheon Free Economic Zone which is easy to attract foreign direct investment.

Fourthly, Jun emphasizes that it is possible to play a detonator role which innovates industry structure and can develop to an innovation cluster of cutting- edge industry by developing robotrelated source technology through R&D Center, Seoul National University (BT) and KAIST (IT) research center, and Incheon Hightech Park (IHP) and by connecting with the rear industrial complex such as 7 cardinal industry complexes within Incheon.

Robot land must be forged as a Global theme park and should be selected in consideration of the project's success possibility within a big frame of national development. In that regard, Jun said that he is confident that the optimal venue to coincide with such principle most well is Chungra free economic zone.

The present condition of Incheon IT industry plus Songdo U-City and Incheon IT industry outlook

Incheon has played the vanguard role for our country economic development in the 1970s and 1980s as a manufacturing- based city centering around 7 industry complexes such as Namdong industry complex.

In the 21st informatization age as well, IT-related component material, semiconductor, and mobile communication industry contribute to local and national economic development centering around such industry complexes.

According to Incheon IT industry survey published by IITPA recently, IT companies in Incheon amount to a total of 1,133 companies. By types of industry, IT machinery and tools, SW field and IT service account for approx.

75%, 16%, and 9% respectively with 846 companies, 183 companies and 104 companies each.

As Incheon's many IT machinery and tools companies have been enlarging their business scope into SW side in recent years, such movement tallies with the government's policy change which attaches importance to a SW power. In particular by designating a radius 1.5km centering around Incheon Juan station as Incheon Softtown, a stronghold to nurture local SW industry was prepared.

Within this town, Incheon IT Tower to be able to play a landmark role of Incheon IT industry is being operated and a total of 50 IT companies are nurturing their dream as star companies here.

Like this, Incheon is highly rated in terms of SW field possibility and Incheon Metropolitan City also is much interested in nurturing SW industry among others.

Ubiquitous city, on the other hand, is in a word a next generation informatization city which can innovate city's function such as convenience furtherance, life's quality improvement, safety guarantee by means of systematic city management, citizen welfare improvement, and new industry creation by converging cutting-edge IT infrastructure and Ubiquitous information service.

The government also don't spare any support in building Ubiquitous city construction with its U-Korea vision. Incheon Metropolitan City officials responsible for u-city explain: "In the case of our Incheon, related technology goes before another region since logistics infrastructure such as airport and harbor is being concentrated here and has been selected as an u-City test bed construction pilot project area by MIC.

Besides its schedule to propel city groundwork facility management, city parking management, and tailor-made city information offering service, it is said that Songdo plans to forge u-City publicity experience pavilion, u-Life Zone and so forth, according to these officials.

They expect that they will be able to confirm dream's U-City in Songdo soon because there are not any places equipped with the optimal condition than Incheon right now though U-City boom is happening in another regions too in Korea including Busan and Cheju.

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