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There were many interesting papers presented at the IMID2007. Here are some choice abstracts extracted from the two volume, 2000 page, 20 pound Digest of Technical Papers.

Analysis of Low Power Consumption AMOLED Displays on Flexible Stainless Steel Substrates

Mike Hack, Richard Hewitt, Ray Ma and Julie J. Brown


We present simulations and results to demonstrate the viability of stainless steel foil as a substrate for low power consumption, flexible AMOLED displays.

Using organic planarization layers, we achieve very smooth surface properties, resulting in excellent TFT performance, that can be repetitively flexed without significantly affecting device performance. The use of phosphorescent OLEDs enables the design of low power consumption 40" AMOLED displays.

All-Printed Flexible OLEDs

Maaninen Arto, Tuomikoski Markus, Valimaki Marja and Maaninen Tiina


We have investigated printing techniques for processing organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). We succeeded to gravure print uniform organic thin films as well as screen print low work function cathode for OLED structure. Furthermore, by using roll-to-roll manufacturing methods, we have been able to fabricate all-printed flexible OLED demonstrator.

FLEX Matters: A Consortium for Production of Flexible Devices

John L. West


The FLEXMatters initiative is building a collaboration of companies and universities to develop and produce flexible devices. Kent Displays leads the production of flexible displays using their bistable cholesteric technology. The FLEXMatters members are collaborating to develop the flexible manufacturing process that are common to a wide variety of devices.

Scaleable, Cost Effective Display Manufacturing Technology Based on White OLED

James R. Buntaine and G. Rajeswaran


The AMOLED industry must compete with AMLCD displays by standardizing around scaleable technology platforms that deliver display-performance and manufacturing-cost goals. Kodak White OLED device architectures have the potential to achieve the best performance and cost tradeoffs. Here we describe the building blocks necessary for delivering effective AMOLED mass production technologies.

Investigation of the Flicker for the Optimal Design of LCD Panel

Jung-Bok Lee and Taeyoung Won


In this paper, we present a novel method to minimize flicker and gray scale errors automatically across the entire panel by using a compensation of the gray levels of image. It was realized by image simulations with feedback structure. As a result of simulation, we observed flickers from the simulated image. And we compensated the gray scale levels for original image. The compensated gray scale levels correspond to flickers which are generated by difference of pixel voltage in odd and even frames. And we simulated repetitively the compensated image by our block diagram for reduction flicker. Consequently, we confirmed flickers have been decreased more than 87%. Furthermore, our method provides visualization and valid prediction for improvement of TFT-LCD.

Highly Efficient Red Phosphorescent OLEDs Employing a Multifunctional Oligofluorene Host

Ming-Han Tsai, Hai-Ching Su, Chung-Chih Wu, Ken-Tsung Wong, Wen-Ren Li


High-efficiency red phosphorescent OLEDs employing a novel red emitter and a multifunctional oligofluorene host are reported. With qazIr(acac) as the red phosphorescent dopant, a maximum external quantum efficiency of 19% and maximum power efficiency of 11 lm/W are achieved. In addition, single layer devices using such host and dopant materials have efficiencies up to 13%.

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