Daegu e-fun 2007 Brings New World
Daegu e-fun 2007 Brings New World
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Daegu e-fun started as a game contest in 2001, and in the following year of 2002, launching a Daegu esports festival, inducing 2004 WCG Korean Championship, and gradually developing into a more mature and colorful event.

Pursuing an urban game event in 2006, it has demonstrated a variety of content under the theme of e-sports and games. In 2006, the DENPO, Daegu International Game Show, which has been performed concurrently until then, was united with e-fun, thus making an integrated brand e-fun. Under the slogan of "game festival of unlimited imagination," e-fun 2006 has focused on the concept of one source multi use (OSMU), thus developing and demonstrating various kinds of multi-use content on the basis of one source of a game.

Furthermore, by using the concept of OSMU for e-sports, it has held not only a nationwide amateur e-sports contest, but also a game character fashion show, game musical, urban role playing game (RPG), and game installation art, thus successfully gaining many favorable comments. e-fun can be divided into two sections: One is a game festival in which many participants join together, while enjoying diverse sorts of content. The other is a game content convention that will create a variety of issues and networks.

This year e-fun 2007 is trying to realize a real world game outside the monitor, thus letting many participants enjoy a far more upgraded urban RPG, also experiencing a variety of OSMU-based content including a game character fashion show led by experts, game musical, and game music concert.

In addition to these events, it has invited both the first World Game Culture Conference and the grand final of the first National Amateur e-sports Contest that will compete for the Minister of Culture and Tourism's Cup, and at the same time a network party is scheduled for all invited professionals including developers, publishers, experts in the fields of music, fashion, and fine arts. A Content Theme Park is also to be opened which will include OSMU content, company exhibitions, and an experience hall.

Daegu e-fun 2007 will show a new exciting world from October 25 through 28.

Current situation of game industry in Daegu

At present there are about 40 firms engaging in the game industry in Daegu, and 15 of these companies are showing a stable growth.

They are generally focusing on online games and mobile games. In the online game, the companies that are gaining nationwide recognition are: Grand Chase by KOG, Tales Runner by Rhaon Entertainment, Ran Online by Min Communication, and Wonder King Ryu & Soft.

E-sports industry in the infant stage

Before talking about e-sports industry in the Gyeongnam area, we need to know the nation's overall e-sports industry. In order to make Korean e-sports grow into an industry, more things are needed to be done. The nation's e-sports association has about 20 esports items, but only two items . StarCraft and Special Force - are organizing a league.

It is reported that only the group of players belonging to StarCraft are receiving annual payments on a regular basis. This was possible because the domestic media had used StarCraft for broadcast content.

To develop into an industry, more prior arrangements have to be made to diversify esports items, adopting as formal items, laying a foundation of international organizations, and expanding into professional teams. The overall picture of Korea's e-sports situation is like this. Therefore, the e-sports of Gyeongnam area have a long way to go.

However, local governments such as Ulsan, Changwon, and Busan are paying attention to the fact that e-sports are emerging as a new trend of next generation, and making preparations for various kinds of e-sports events on a full-scale basis.

Expansion of cultural content market

The OSMU strategy is essential to the expansion of a cultural content market, and storytelling and character are the core elements in the flow of cultural content industry. The primary content is created by storytelling and licensing, and is distributed to the market by means of media such as TV and the Internet. Then secondary content is produced and distributed to the market while creating value and strengthening the primary content.

Games, movies, novels, and animations have their own content based on the story and character, thus creating an individual market of their own. But if new content related to primary content is developed and related retail merchandising products are produced, new markets rising from cultural content will be able to be explored. Currently, Nexon is taking good advantage of this strategy.

Daegu e-fun is making efforts to produce secondary content and retail products by matching e-sports with fashions and performances.

Global companies join in e-fun

Efforts are being made to induce global players, and through the World Game Culture Conference e-fun will be publicized all over the world. Keeping contact with Germany's Game Convention, Tokyo Game Show, and China Joy, Daegu e-fun tries to establish a connection with global players and overseas game shows. Sony of Japan is expected to participate in Daegu e-fun 2007, and so consultations are now being made between the working-level persons.

To make Daegu e-fun an international event, many consultations with global companies are being made. e-fun will provide a good opportunity not only for advertising Korean content to the world, but also at the same time introducing overseas content to Korea. The e-fun site will be developed into an online exhibition, providing a multi language support system. In addition, research on e-fun Japan and e-fun China are now being made.

Daegu spares no effort for promotion of e-Sports

Since early 2000, the Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP) has paid keen attention to e-sports. Last year it organized an amateur e-sports league as well as an e-sports playground, thus making contributions to the promotion of e-sports. In addition, it is building a variety of models for the development of e-sports. It has succeeded in organizing the first National Amateur e- Sports Contest and is now making arrangements with the Korea Internet PC Association (IPCA) for making a counter model for nationwide PC rooms. Like a soccer club, this model will be able to activate the community function of PC rooms, consequently realizing e-sports in everyday life.

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