IMID 2013: To the Next Substitution of Semiconductor Display, TFT-LCD Display Out and OLED, AM OLED, and Flexible Displays In
IMID 2013: To the Next Substitution of Semiconductor Display, TFT-LCD Display Out and OLED, AM OLED, and Flexible Displays In
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DAEGU, KOREA - The 13th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2013), hosted by The Korean Information Display Society (KIDS) and The Society for Information Display (SID) took place during August 26 to 29 at EXCO, Daegu. The IMID 2013 conference featured 54 sessions organized in 15 topics, about 5000 selected oral/poster presentations from 25 countries, 2 keynote addresses from Sang Beom Han, CEO of LG Display and Wang Dongsheng, Chairman of BOE Technology. In addition to the technical program, the conference will also hold 10 tutorial/workshop lectures to provide the attendees a chance to examine state-of-art technologies on OLED lighting, AMLCD, AMOLED, and more.

Jang Jin, General Chair and President of KIDS, delivers welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony.

Jin Jang, General Chair and President of KIDS and a professor at Kyunghee University, started the conference with a welcoming remark at the opening ceremony, commenting on the continuous growth of IMID conference on the international scale and thanking the participants of world’s most talented scientists and engineers from information display industries, universities and research laboratories. He also commented that with the participation and involvement of foreign professionals from the display industry, this participation will likely benefit the domestic researchers’ skills and competency. Also, Brian H. Berkeley, a Senior Vice President of Samsung Display and President of SID when asked about his thoughts regarding the keynote speeches stated, “it is always interesting to hear different minds on the professionals in this field.”

Brian H. Berkeley is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Samsung Display and President of SID, welcoming the participants of IMID 2013.

Sang Beom Han, CEO of LG Display, at the IMID 2013 stated display should improve the lives of people. Han foresees the future of the display industry developing in the direction that will enrich the users’ lives. He explains further that future display should not be looked at only from a technical point of view but fixated on the "sensibility of the human." He quoted scientists from previous generations who stated, "Something that is heavier than air cannot fly" and "computers are not going to be used for individual purposes." Then showed a picture from a fictional story from 1930 and on that picture predicted humans using wide screens, camcorders, search engines and more. In comparing the two perspectives, Han said "previous scientists had narrow perspectives and only prospected the future from a technical point of view, but the artist who drew the picture from 1930's had a perspective which concentrated on human desires and sensibility." The different perspectives led to an unsurprising conclusion to this generation of people but it most likely seemed logical for people living in the past. With this analogy, Han emphasized that, “technical aspects and human imagination must be harmonious.” Han used the catchphrase “You Dream, We Display” corresponding to the vision he has for the future of his display industry.

With this in background, Han spoke about implementing the anticipated flexible displays and transparent flexible displays in the world we are living in, for people to interact with and improve their life. On the technical aspect of Han’s keynote, he emphasized the concept of “Dream Display,” and separated into components of ‘Real Image’ and ‘Real Innovation.’ Real Image is providing the highest resolution and pixels per inch possible on all the display devices to provide a real-world like image on display devices and on 3D display devices. Han goes on further to state that Real Innovation for the future will look forward to implementing the flexible display that is able to curve, bend, fold and roll on the electronic devices. No dates were mentioned on when the consumers are able to see the flexible display and transparent flexible display devices on the market.

Sang Beom Han, CEO of LG Display, gives a keynote speech at the International Meeting on International Display 2013.

The second keynote speaker Wang DongSheng, Chairman of BOE Technology, addressed the attendees with his speech on, “Semiconductor Display – a new industry definition.” Wang insisted on redefining the Semiconductor Display Technology as, “display technologies that use semiconductor components to independently control every minimum display unit.” He further states, “TFT-LCD, one of the semiconductor displays, is slowly conforming to the tide of technology substitutions. TFT-LCD is now the interruption of old technology and beginning of new semiconductor display such as AM OLED.” Wang’s company BOE Technology endured a hardship of investing tremendously into the display industry from 2007 with the rate profit not matching the investment. He emphasized that the only way to increase profits and survive in the display industry was by innovation. Wang goes further on to state, “multiple semiconductor displays will co-exist for a long time, boosting each other but focusing on different applications and market segments.”

Even though Samsung Display and LG Display are the current leaders of the display industry, BOE Technology is rapidly improving their technical skills in mastering the AM and OLED divisions of display. In the near future, it is possible that BOE Technology jump a few rankings higher to increase their competitiveness in the Semiconductor Industry.

Hyun Jae Kim, Professor at Yonsei University and iMiD Program Vice-Chair, in an interview with IT Times.

In an interview with Korea IT Times, Hyun Jae Kim, Professor at Yonsei University and IMID Program Vice-Chair, gave some insights into the semiconductor industry. He stated, “Currently the display market is divided into the mobile market and the TV market. The display market for the mobiles is strong but the OLED TV market’s future is still unclear. The cost of an OLED TV is ranging around 10,000 USD and the repurchase period for consumers to buy a new TV is quite long, which is causing the LCD TV market to be predominant at the moment. Above all, with the influence of Smartphones, TV display market will never be able to match up to the smartphone display market. There is an urgent need for a new display device to revitalize the display industry.”Doctor Kim went further to state, “The chase from the Chinese display market to catch up to the Korean display market is alarming as China is an enormous manufacture and they are able to supply mass amounts of products.” He believes that as Korea will be unable to remain as one of the main suppliers for the display market, and thus there will be a need to increase the technical entry barrier for the display industry. He states that there is a reason why Samsung Display has been immovable as the best for 10 years straight in the global market. It is not because of their technical expertise but also because of their cumulated business know-how.

The 13th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2013), hosted by The Korean Information Display Society (KIDS) and The Society for Information Display (SID) took place during August 26 to 29 at EXCO, Daegu.


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