KT Joins Hands with Ericsson to Develop Next-Gen Relay Station Equipment
KT Joins Hands with Ericsson to Develop Next-Gen Relay Station Equipment
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  • 승인 2013.09.03 18:27
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SEOUL, KOREA- KT announced on September 1 that it signed an agreement with Ericsson LG to promote R&D on next-generation wireless relay stations and launched joint technology cooperation.Under the terms of the pact which was pursued by KT as part of its network innovation strategy, they will join forces in verifying the performance of Active Antenna System (AAS), one of the core technologies for next-generation antenna, while jointly verifying KT's automatic optimization technology.
Based on these efforts, they will continue to pursue close cooperation in securing top quality in establishment and operations of LTE relay stations.
In particular, they will jointly study the development of integrated antenna relay station equipment. By integrating relay station's antenna and telecommunications equipment that have been operated separately by frequency, including 3G and LTE, it would contribute to saving investment cost, improving space efficiency, reducing power consumption, and enabling them to better cope with network environments.

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